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Antisemitic Calendar - Warsaw [!] 1943

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KALENDARZYK NOTATNIK - 'Calendar Notebook', published by WYDWNICTWO POLSKIE, Warsaw 1943. A very rare antisemitic pocket Calendar published in Warsaw in 1943. Polish.

At the top of each page of the Calendar is a sentence or practical guidance on seemingly innocent general topics such as "the greatest wealth in the world is the personal power of individuals, and human abilities", or for example: "a clear and concrete definition of life is a condition for success", etc. But in some of the pages alongside those general morality sentences, harsh antisemitic statements appear. For example, immediately on the first page at the beginning of the calendar in January, the inscription appears: "Bolshevism and plutocracy are the tools of the Jews to take over the world." ("Plutocracy" - a political regime ruled by the rich and money tycoons). At the top of the page that opens in March, it is written: "The Jews of our country are the locusts of summer and winter." At the end of the Calendar on the last page, next to a table of postal specifications, the following venomous anti-Semitic inscription appears on an entire page, comparing the numerical ratio of Jews in the Polish population to the key position that Jews hold:

"In 1939, Jews made up 13% of our country's population of 4,000,000, but did you know that:
70% of private property is owned by Jews
95% of the credit depends on the Jews
84% of urban real estate is owned by Jews
88% of private industry is in the hands of Jews
93% of the trade turnover goes into the Jewish pocket
65% of the work is done by Jews
87% of the profits of the dairy industry were looted by Jews
36% are Jewish engineers
65% are Jewish doctors and dentists
75% are Jewish publishers
72% of the Communists were recruited from among Jews
100% of the trafficking in women and children was carried out by Jews
The Jews bring misery to the nations! "

The Calendar published in Warsaw city by a Polish local publishing house in 1943, about four years after the ghetto was established, after more than 50% of Warsaw Jews had already been evacuated from their homes into the ghetto, and the others were sent to extermination camps. As early as October 1940, an order was broadcast on the radio by the Warsaw district commander that the city's Jews were not allowed to live in the city except for the place designated for them. About 100,000 Poles were evacuated from the area and were replaced by about 180,000 Jews, who joined about 200,000 who already lived there. The Jewish population, which made up 38% of the city's population, was crowded in an area that made up only 2% of its area - In the ghetto. Only a few months before the this publication, the great Aktion of July 1942 took place and the following months in which 300,000 men, women, and children were sent to extermination in the Treblinka camp, and in fact at the beginning of that year in April 1943, the final liquidation of the ghetto began. In those months the Jews no longer held any public position all over Poland, nor did they engage in trade and industry at all, the Jews who still managed to survive the famine, disease, and extermination, fought for their lives with final forces in the ghettos or camps. These facts did not prevent the publisher from presenting the Jews as the number one enemy of the Polish nation, and the false list at the end of the calendar, even when the whole of European Jewry was already dying.

[26] pages. 11 cm. Few stains. Handwritten markings and drawings. Good condition.

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38. Antisemitic Calendar - Warsaw [!] 1943