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Collection of artwork books created by prisoners during the Holocaust, and post-war Holocaust art books

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15 art books of works made by ghetto residents, prisoners in the death camps, and in hiding during the war - views, scenes, drawings, as well as art books and catalogues of exhibitions dealing with the Holocaust in art. Years 1943 - 2001.

Destins 1939-1940-1941-1942 by Frans Masereel - fifty-seven woodcuts of Holocaust atrocities. New York - Zurich, 1943.

I Never Saw Another Buttery... - Illustrations and poems by children from Theresienstadt concentration camp between 1942 and 1944 - created in the camp in secret art lessons taught by the Austrian artist and educator Friedel Dicker-Brandeis. Where it is known, the fate of every young man whose work appears in the book is noted. Most of them died before the liberation of the camp. The works were included in a complete story after World War II by Czech art historian Hanna Wolbekova, curator of the Jewish Museum in Prague. Copy with the original dust jacket. Tears in the dust jacket.

Italian edition of I Never Saw Another Buttery - Qui non ho visto farfalle - Prague Museum, 2001.

Yesterday. By Holocaust survivor Aharon Abdi, Israel, 1953. Dozens of illustrations documenting scenes from World War II and the attempts of Jews to escape from Europe.

Klisze pamieci - memorial plaques, by Marian Kolodziej - shocking works of art documenting the horrors of Auschwitz by Auschwitz camp inmate Marian Kolodziej. He made the paintings that appear here in the camp as part of healing movements that his body needed due to his broken condition. Hardcover with the original dust jacket all complete.

Songs of Radiant Sadness by Shlomo Shenhod. Paintings by Alexander Bogen, Published by Dvir, Tel Aviv, 1956 – dedicated copy by the author Shlomo Shenhod.

ART OF THE HOLOCAUST - Over 350 works of art created in ghettos, concentration camps and in hiding by Nazi victims. By Janet Blatter I Sybil Milton, New York, 1981. Large format album release. Copy with the original dust jacket. One of the most important books that incorporates the important iconic works created during the Holocaust.

Kamienie Krzycza - Screaming Stones - Works of the Artist documenting the destruction of Warsaw - album edition in large format 42 cm.

CONTRASTING SHADOWS by Shimon Hacohen - Israel 1972, dedicated copy by author.


Yad Vashem - Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, Museum of Art - Exhibition catalogue, 1986. A collection of works by Jewish artists on the subject of the Holocaust of European Jewry. Most of them are by artists who themselves witnessed the events they painted, some perished in the Holocaust and some survived.

University of Haifa Oscar Gez Collection - Eighteen artists who perished in the Holocaust. 1996.

Tommy - wrote and painted Bedřich Frita. Yad Vashem Press, 1999. Frita, painter, illustrator and caricaturist. In November 1941 he arrived in the Terezin ghetto and was appointed director of the technical painting department, which the Germans tasked with disseminating the false propaganda of the "model ghetto", but they hid materials taken from the workshop and painted the terrible reality. The works were hidden by the artists and found after the war.

ALEXANDER BOGEN ARTIST-PARTISAN - published by Ghetto Fighters House Museum 2001.

Mendel Grossman - An Inside View. Drawings and Photographs: Lodz Between the Two World Wars - catalogue of an exhibition held at the Ghetto Fighters' House in April 2005.

Various sizes and conditions. Overall good condition.

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153. Collection of artwork books created by prisoners during the Holocaust, and post-war Holocaust art books