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Discovery: Two thick manuscripts of The gaon Rabbi Mordechai Ohana from Tiberias, Which were never printed

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Two Handwritten innovations notebooks full of dozens of essays, sermons, lists, eulogies, Essay on the Torah, and more, in the handwriting of Rabbi Mordechai Ohana of Tiberias. The notebooks were recently discovered, and the things in them were never printed. At the beginning of the first notebook is the personal stamp of "מרדכי אוחנא יצ"ו שד"ר רבי מאיר בעל הנס זיע"א מעיה"ק טבריה תוב"ב". - Mordechai Ohana SDR, Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes Zia'a of the Tiberias".

Notebook I:

* Pages 1-13: sermon for Teshuvah and Rosh Hashana

* Pages 14-28: sermon for the mourning for anguish and for elder and praise of the Land of Israel

* Pages 29-38: sermon for Depressed in agony

* Pages 39-50: An obituary for the person buried in Eretz Israel

* Pages 51-63: sermon for Shabat and charity

* Pages 63-72: An obituary for a great man named Joseph

* Pages 73-80: Laws of Eretz Israel

* Pages 81-84: obituary for a woman

* Pages 85-86: pleasantry for Eretz Israel

* Pages 87-90: obituary for the name of Jacob

* Pages 90-93: obituary

* Pages 94-95: an obituary for a rabbi named Haim

* Pages 96-100: pleasantry of the Land of Israel and Tiberias

* Page 100: pleasantry about a guy who died

* Page 101: pleasantry for an old man who died

* Pages 102-106: pleasantry for charity

* Pages 107-108: pleasantry for Shabbat Teshuvah

* Pages 109-123: obituary for a woman who died, and Tanhumin wrote to person name Shmuel

* Pages 124-133: Details of the years 1898-1899

* Page 134: Prayer

* Pages 135-136: Talmid Chacham

* Pages 137-138: Dream

* Page 139: Peace

* Page 140: right

* Page 141: Hell

* Pages 142-143: Righteous

* Pages 144-148: Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes

* Page 149: Talmid Chacham

* Pages 150-152: Innovations

* Pages 153-154: Charity

* Pages 155-158: Drush to parashat Vayechi

* Page 159: Elijah the prophet

* Pages 160- 166: Drush I. for Shabbat HaGadol

* Pages 167- 173: Drush II. for Shabbat HaGadol

* Pages 174 - 182: Drush to Shabbat kala

* Pages 183-188: Drush for Shabbat Teshuvah

* Pages 189-196: Drush for the Eretz Israel and the Holy City Tiberias and in honor of the Holy Tanna Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes

* Pages 197-202: Drush for obituary

* Pages. 203-218: An obituary for a young man who is oppressed

* Pages 219-230: Drush for Tzadik

* Pages 231-239: Drush HaTorah

* Pages 240-243: Mamarim

* Pages 244-250: Drush 9 to Eshet Chayil

* Pages 251- 258: pleasantry

* Pages 259-262: Midrash Hukat, Mishley Yacob

* Pages 263-264: charity

* Pages 265-270: Drush for the deceased

* Pages 271-274: Obituary

* Pages 275-279: Recommendation of the obituary to gadol B'Israel

* Pages 280-284:Drush for Circumcision

* Pages 285-298: Lists

* Pages 299-312: Lists

Notebook II:

* Pages 1- 120: Innovations on Parashot Hashavua - five Torah Pentateuchs.

* Page 121: Laws of Eretz Israel

* Pages 122-129: Drush for the donates

* Pages 130-142: Obituaries

* Pages 143-152: Drush for the virtue of the Torah

* Pages. 153-158: Lists

Shorten the sheet to detail the rich content of the many essays that appear before us. It should be noted that in several places he brings and discusses the renewal of many of the Sphardic greatest sages, such as Rabbi Shmuel Abulafia, "I saw to the Rabbi Chelek Yaakov" (Rabbi Yaakov Chai Zrihan from Tiberias), An obituary appears on Rabbi Yaakov Reuven Dadash and Rabbi Raphael Halevi, in a sermon for Shabbat Kala he brings words from the book 'Darchei Ish', An obituary appears on the rabbi of Safed and Tiberias, 'The Angel Raphael Maman', obituary on Rabbi Avraham Tubol, Gematria according to the detail of the Hebrew year from 1898 to 1906, Marachot according to topics: prayer, Talmid Chacham, sick, emissary, right, hell, Tzaddik, charity, Elijah the prophet, as well as rules for preparing a sermon, lists of sermons issued for the city of Tiberias according to Years, A song he wrote in the virtue of the mission for the city of Tiberias. At the end of the manuscript indicates the names of the great sages of Tiberias, as well as lists of every donation he received when he went on a mission to Morocco, and how he refrained from reaching various cities due to the war, and more.

The Gaon Rabbi Mordechai Ohana : A native of Denmat in Morocco. Immigrated to Tiberias in the 60s of the 19th century and was appointed one of the greatest sages of the city, in 1892 he went on a mission to Morocco as SDR of Tiberias. (See about hin in the Book of Tiberias page 283).

[2] Manuscript notebooks. hard cover. Some pages are slightly detached. general condition good.

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196. Discovery: Two thick manuscripts of The gaon Rabbi Mordechai Ohana from Tiberias, Which were never printed