Dynasty auction house is a central channel in the noted movement throughout the country and the world for the sale and purchase, preservation and cultivation of rare and important historical collectibles by private individuals, professional collectors, and public institutions dealing with Jewish history in its various departments.

We deal in a wide variety of collecting areas that encompass the Jewish and Israeli existence, When a central part of the auctions dealing with the phenomenon of anti-Semitism from its beginnings and its various manifestations in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Nazi era and the Holocaust of the Jewish people that it brought with it - the Jewish people in the countries of the German occupation, in the ghettos, the death camps, and She'erit HaPleta - the testimonies of the survivors alongside rare items that survived the inferno. Also, we present in our auctions important items regularly appear on the subjects: history of the jews in Eretz Israel and in the Diaspora, Jewish communities around the world, manuscripts, holy books from the beginning of Hebrew printing, letters of rabbis and admorim, important historical documents, postcards and early photographs, Jewish art, maps, Palestine lithographs and engravings, its landscapes, and its people, printing items and ephemera starting from the beginning of the Zionist movement, as well as Land of Israel collectibles around important historical events related to the return of the Jewish people to israel and the establishment of the state, rare items from the fields of general collecting, autographs, and more.

Once every two months, an auction is held at Dynasty where we offer for sale hundreds of important and interesting rare items on the above topics. We accept for evaluation and sale specific items, large collections, and estates in the fields of Judaism and Jewish and Israeli history, with the aim of encouraging and creating a lively movement in Israel and world wide between sellers and buyers in the area of private collecting, and the institutionalized historical preservation that are getting stronger over the years.

We would add that out of an interest in the world of private collecting, we also deal with special items of global importance and historic interest, not specifically Jewish.

Countless inquiries are received at the Dynasty offices in Jerusalem every day from private individuals, collectors and other sources who wish to deposit their items for sale so that they will be preserved for future generations and not disappear in landfills, and on the other side from buyers looking for certain items, each in their own field to collect. The experts of the auction house, who have accumulated rich experience and many years of knowledge, check each of them, the source of the items, their authenticity, originality, and condition, and if they are found to meet the definition of rarity, interest, and supreme historical importance, they are offered for sale to our loyal customers worldwide. In addition to publishing the catalog itself, we are in continuous contact with collectors, public and private museums, national libraries, archives, universities, and institutions that have an interest in the items we deal with, in order to inform them at any time about any item relevant to purchase that comes up for sale with us .


In the course of time, the work of collecting is becoming more and more difficult. Many unique items were destroyed in the terrible holocaust and Jewish communities that had been rooted for generations were displaced or destroyed. Europe was almost completely emptied of its Jewish treasures. (Works of art and cultural property were looted systematically and on an unprecedented scale in Europe from the rise of the Nazi regime to power in 1933 until the end of World War II. Hundreds of thousands of objects were taken illegally, sometimes by force from their rightful owners - the victims of the Holocaust). Many of the items that survived, despite this, were purchased or donated over time to museums and important institutions throughout the country and the world, and the awareness of the importance of preserving the pieces of the puzzle that make up Jewish history is only growing among institutions and individuals. Over the years, the number of treasures that can be purchased is decreasing and the number of buyers and those interested is increasing. The many fakes that flood the market and threaten to destroy the branch on which it sits, do not make the job of collection any easier either.


However, from our experience, we believe that there is an extensive field of action for a person who sets a goal for himself, the one who is gifted with an open and alert eye, and imbued with recognition and perseverance, to discover rare and valuable items, which, despite being rare, can still be found and purchased by a thorough search, and sometimes easily than imaginable.


The name of the auction house "Dynasty", was chosen for the auction house because it represents the continuity, and the connection between the past and the future by truly valuing each historical item that more than represents its point of time, it joins the preservation of the history of the eternal judaism for future generations.


We are always happy to advise, evaluate, and direct customers who wish to deposit items for sale with us, as well as assist in obtaining items for those interested according to the areas of special concern for each, and we are available for any question.

With Great Regards!

Dynasty Auction