Auction 24

January 29, 2024


Dynasty auction house standing at the forefront of the movement channel throughout the country and the world for the sale and purchase, preservation and cultivation of rare and important historical collectibles by private individuals, professional collectors, and public institutions dealing with Jewish history in its various departments.

We deal in a wide variety of collecting areas that encompass the Jewish and Israeli existence, When a central part of the auctions dealing with the phenomenon of anti-Semitism from its beginnings and its various manifestations in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Nazi era and the Holocaust of the Jewish people that it brought with it - the Jewish people in the countries of the German occupation, in the ghettos, the death camps, and She'erit HaPleta - the testimonies of the survivors alongside rare items that survived the inferno. Also, we present in our auctions important items regularly appear on the subjects: history of the jews in Eretz Israel and in the Diaspora, Jewish communities around the world, manuscripts, holy books from the beginning of Hebrew printing, letters of rabbis and admorim, important historical documents, postcards and early photographs, Jewish art, maps, Palestine lithographs and engravings, its landscapes, and its people, printing items and ephemera starting from the beginning of the Zionist movement, as well as Land of Israel collectibles around important historical events related to the return of the Jewish people to israel and the establishment of the state, rare items from the fields of general collecting, autographs, and more.

Once every two months, an auction is held at Dynasty where we offer for sale hundreds of important and interesting rare items on the above topics. We accept for evaluation and sale individual items, large collections, and estates in the fields of Judaism and Jewish and Israeli history, with the aim of encouraging and creating a lively movement in Israel and world wide between sellers and buyers in the area of private collecting, and the institutionalized historical preservation that are getting stronger over the years.


Items from the upcoming auction

20. State Day - joint issue Israel's newspapers on the day of the Declaration of Independence - May 14, 1948

Opening price: $300

89. A cloth bag for bread of Abraham Leopold, who was murdered in Theresienstadt

Opening price: $1,000

108. Passover Haggadah written in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp by Rabbi Yekutiel Jacob Neubauer on a German pocket calendar

Opening price: $500

92. Yellow patch of a Jew who perished in Auschwitz. Belgium, early 1940s

Opening price: $800

18. Letter signed by Theodor Herzl. Vienna, 1903

Opening price: $800

176. Carpet with Herzl portrait – made by 'Alliance' – Jerusalem, early 20th century – wonderful condition

Opening price: $350

174. Keychain of a synagogue. Eastern Europe. 18th century

Opening price: $1,000

180. Abdullah Frères: Rare Cabinet Photo of a Jewish Rabbi in the Ottoman Empire

Opening price: $120

51. Emile Zola - signed photo

Opening price: $500

222. Twenty five poems - Dylan Thomas - signed by the author

Opening price: $500

DYNASTY - areas of specialization

Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Se'erit HaPleta

Eretz Israel, settlement

Postcards and photographs


Historical documents

Travel books ,etchings, Maps, Lithographs, graphics

Judaica and Israelina objects


Manuscripts and Rabbis letters

From past auctions

1. A humorous play in German. Leipzig 1893 - The copy of Theodor Herzl

Opening price: $1,000

Sold: $55,000

212. Please do in honor of our holy ancestors Buried in Hebron who we are huddled in the shadow of their holy abode, the Cave of the Patriarchs ... - Emissary Letter to collect funds for land ownership in the city of Hebron, signed by the great rabbis

Opening price: $2,000

Sold: $7,000

72. Yellow-red Star of David Badge of a Jewish prisoner who survived the Auschwitz camp

Opening price: $1,000

Sold: $2,400

68. Photograph of Rabbi Aharon Rokach of Belz on the train while parting from his community during his escape from the Nazis' 1940s

Opening price: $500

Sold: $11,000

240. Emissary Letter to collect funds for land ownership in the city of Hebron, signed by the great rabbis

Opening price: $500

Sold: $1,400

252. The poet Zelda - songs in her handwriting that were never published

Opening price: $1,500

Sold: $12,000

74. Enamel ashtray manufactured in Oscar Schindler's factory

Opening price: $1,000

Sold: $3,800

249. Handwritten Passover Haggadah with many illustrations. [Morocco], 19th century

Opening price: $500

Sold: $2,200

19. Albert Einstein on the beach in Santa Barbara - 1931

Opening price: $400

Sold: $3,200

8. Albert Einstein - 'It would be much better if the British intervened three years ago ...', a letter in which Einstein expresses his views on the disastrous developments in Europe on the eve of World War II

Opening price: $2,500

Sold: $38,000

Purchasing items through Dynasty

A curator in a museum, Library, university, Private or public archive in Israel or around the world ? Are you a private person interested in starting to build or completing a professional collection in the fields we deal with? Dynasty holds an auction once every two months! This is your opportunity! In addition, you can contact us directly and we will be happy to assist in obtaining rare items from your field, through guidance, and good advice for the purchase of the historical treasures for the cultivation of the collection, and its completion.

Depositing items for sale at Dynasty

Moving an apartment? clears the warehouse? Caretaker of estate? Do you have items that may be valuable and you don't know their worth? Want to know if the items you have are fits for sale with us? Leave details, write all the information you know about the item(s) you want to sell, attach photos as much as possible, and we will get back to you to continue the process as soon as possible.


The Jew who shot - A Rare anti-Semitic publication following the David Frankfurter trial

Monumental work in a concentration camp - concentration camp prisoner Abraham Berlin drew the camp on eggshells and was murdered in Auschwitz

Measuring heads in Nazi Germany - the science of propaganda from the theory of Hans Guenther

The Rare Jews Tunisian yellow patch

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