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April 19, 2023
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1. A large collection of documents - Jewish businesses in Germany. Prewar. 1920s and 1930s.

A collection from the 1930s containing hundreds of documents related to various Jewish businesses in Germany, as well as trade relations between Jews and Germans in a wide range of professions. Locations include Berlin, Hannover, Munich, and other places from the late 1920s and early 1930s.

The documents include: renting apartments owned by Jews to non-Jews for business purposes, agreements made by mortgage advisor A. Kater regarding apartment rentals, documents related to the business of GEBR. GOLDSCHMIDT, documents related to the company E. Braun & Co., various contracts related to the properties of Mrs. Mina Eilberg in Berlin, documents related to J. Schweitzer Sortiment (Arthur Sellier) bookstore in Berlin (including an interesting letter from May 1929 where they contact a supplier for business relations and offer better terms than regular customers), technical medical industry documents from A. Urbach, real estate documents advised by legal consultant A. Kater, documents related to the embezzlement of FIRMA M. ILBERG, technical medical industry documents from A. Urbach, an agreement made between Jaffa Plantations and Anglo-Palestine Bank for the purchase of orchards in Jaffa, documents from Wilhelm Fischer Hameln company, documents related to the synagogue community in Hannover, documents related to Jewish banking in Germany, documents related to the work of Dr. William Braun and Dr. Josef Kelner, and many other documents that have not been thoroughly examined by us.

It appears that the collection belonged to a German Jewish lawyer who handled dozens of cases for Jews in Germany.

The collection contains around 130 different documents. Some pages have tears along the edges. Overall condition is good.

Opening price: $250
Sold: $280

2. Delegates of the 12th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad - a large group photograph

"Delegates of the 12th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad" - Large photograph of 454 delegates of the 12th Zionist Congress, published by A. PERSON PHOTOGRAPH, Czechoslovakia - 14/09/1921.

In the upper part of the photograph, there are large images of the Congress's executive members. Among them are: Chaim Weizmann (who served as the Congress chairman), Chaim Nachman Bialik, Nahum Sokolow, David Wolffsohn, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, and others. Among the other photographed leaders are community leaders, rabbis, and prominent public figures from all Jewish communities, including seven women. This Congress, which was the first to be held since World War I, discussed the British conquest of Palestine and the Balfour Declaration, which the Congress approved. Also, it was decided to cooperate with the British authorities in Palestine. The discussion focused on the establishment of factories with national value and the expansion of the settlement in Palestine.

Size 29x21 cm. Mounted on stiff cardboard by the photographer, 34x42 cm. Slight stains on the cardboard frame. Overall good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $260

3. A collection of early issues of "Der Israelit"

A volume containing 51 issues of the German Jewish weekly "Der Israelite", months January - June 1890.

The German Orthodox Jewish weekly Der Israelit appeared between the years 1860-1938. The weekly served as a platform for spreading the views of Agudat Israel in which the association led the way of Orthodoxy. The newspaper was, as he defined it, "a central expression of Orthodox Judaism." He took a conservative-traditional religious approach, and was a counter-reaction to the reformist and liberal trends. Among its editors during its years of existence: Rabbi Meir Marcus Lehman and his son Rabbi Oskar Lehman, Rabbi Yaakov Rosenheim, and Rabbi Zelig Shechnowitz. Over time, "Der Israelite" became the most important magazin in the field of the Orthodox press of Judaism in Germany. In the newspaper, was historical stories in sequels by Rabbi Meir Lehman, which were intended to attract the hearts of the youth and were interwoven with claims against the "renovators". At the beginning of November 1938, the newspaper ceased to be published, after the Nazi regime banned its distribution.

In 1870 he united with the journal "Yeshuron" - the titles of the first issues in the volume before us are "Jisraelit und Jeschurun" - "Israelite and Yeschurun", and later only "Der Israelite".

932 pp., consecutive numbering. Tears repaired by applying glue to the edges of some of the first sheets. general condition good.

Opening price: $150

4. Book of Regulations of the Ottoman Rabbinate - Ladino. Turkey, 1913 - Only edition

חכמחאני ניזאמנאמיסי איסטאטוטו אורגאניקו דילה קומונידא'ד איסראאיליטה - The regulations of the Ottoman rabbinate according to the law established on August 23, 1287 (year 1881) - The book of the laws of the rabbinate in Turkey - Constantinople - Istanbul 1913. Ladino. The first and only edition of this rare book of laws of the rabbinate in the year 1333, which was published during the time of Chacham Bashi Rabbi Chaim Nahum (Served a "Chacham Bashi" in the years 1909-1920), after the proclamation of the second constitutional monarchy, "to embark on a process of reorganization of the Jewish community and the rabbinate ".

A historical document in Ladino that determines the hierarchy of the rabbinate in Turkey, and which effectively reduced the number of members of the rabbinate in the various cities that was established in 1881. In 1913, it was established that only seven rabbis would have the spiritual authority to enforce religious laws and regulations and supervise the rabbis of the communities. It was also stipulated here that the Ottoman Jewish community would be divided into eight rabbinical districts outside Istanbul in the cities of Baghdad, Edirne, Izmir, Thessaloniki, Cairo, Alexandria and Jerusalem. Each district had its own chief rabbi and communal institutions, which officially operated under the authority of the chief rabbi of İstanbul. In 1880, the leadership consisted of dozens of members, including sixty laymen and twenty rabbis. The members of the General Council, together with forty representatives from the provincial communities, would choose the Chief Rabbi from a list of five candidates proposed by the Council of the Laymen. Now the choice has been reduced to only seven rabbis, and for the first time, extensive authorities have been given to the Chacham Bashi himself.

Before us is one of the most important Jewish documents that came out in the Ottoman Empire, since the regulations established in it effectively determined the arrangement and the rabbinical hierarchy for the decades that followed.

21 [2] p. Light stains. Good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $200

5. Rare memorial album for the Australian Jewish soldiers during the First World War. Australia, 1923

Australian Jewry; book of honour. The Great War, 1914-1918, edited by Harold Boas and Y.M.C.A., published by L. Paragon, Ltd., Perth - West Australia, 1923. Rare memorial album for the Australian Jewish soldiers who fought in the First World War, and for the contribution of Australian Jewry to the war effort, and in general.

The preamble states that at least 1500 Australian Jewish soldiers enlisted in the British Army during the First World War, and even a greater number than that Australian Jewish women and men participated in volunteer services in a wide variety of areas during the war. The booklet presents the personal stories of many of them, mainly among them the story of Jewish General John Monash, as well as a long names list of Jewish soldiers who took part in the war. The booklet contains dozens of photographs of Jewish soldiers killed in the war, as well as photographs of nearly 150 Jewish soldiers of Australian descent killed in the war, Jewish memorial plaques, as well as rare photographs of the activities of Jewish soldiers and volunteers around the world during the war - Jewish ceremonies such as the Passover Seder, public prayer, Torah reading, and social activities of Jewish Australian soldiers that took place during the First World War in England, France, and other countries. In the second part of the booklet are dozens of names of Jewish soldiers in the Australian Army who received various badges of heroism for heroic deeds during the war.

Rare. Only six records in the World Cat World Library Catalog.

88 p. 25x18 cm. Print on glossy paper. Missing tear in top corner of dust jacket. Overall good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $200

6. Anglo-Palestine Bank - a rare booklet celebrating its 10th anniversary, 1913

England-Palestina Company, 1903-1913, a memorial booklet for the 10th anniversary of the work of this institution in Eretz Israel. Jaffa-London, 1913.

In the booklet there is a small map of Eretz Israel and photographs of office holders in the bank and the various branches.

43, [2] p, [9] photo-plates, 23 cm. Moisture damage to the lower part of the front and back cover. Good condition.

Opening price: $120

7. Lease for 99 years to the Trustees of Oxford in Hendon - London, 1927

A grand rental contract in a large format, for a portion belonging to Mrs. Maria Jackson in Hendon, a suburb in northwest London, which was leased to "The Oxford Trustees" listed by name, starting from December 25th, 1927, for a period of 99 years! The contract was executed and signed on January 27th, 1931. Additionally, another contract for an extension of the lease was signed on September 28th, 1938.

The rental terms are specified in detail in the contract, with entries filled in by hand. The signatures of the parties, witnesses, a red seal, and a removable approval seal on the body on the page. On the back of the contract, a diagram of estate 17, which was leased, facing Prothero Gardens, is marked. Additionally, a contract for a long-term lease of the same property is included, which was executed and signed in September 1938.

[4] pages + [2] pages. + [1] leave. Thick, high-quality paper. 48x31 cm.

Very good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $3,000

8. Collection of membership notebooks and early participation cards of Jews in pioneer movements

16 membership notebooks and early participation cards of Jews in pioneering movements (pocket cards) - Europe and Eretz Israel, 1930s and 1940s.

1. Certificate of appointment as a member of the "additional railway guard". Eretz Israel, 1930s.

2. Representative card to the second conference of "HaHalutz" in Polesia - Pinsk, July 4-6, 1930. Stolin Branch.

3. Membership Certificate of Ben Zion Glinski in the "pioneering youth organization "Gordonia" in Poland - the main leadership in Lvov - 1930.

4. Membership Certificate of Ben Zion Glinski in the "pioneering youth organization "Gordonia" in Poland - the main leadership in Lvov - 1931.

5. Membership card of the Zionist-Socialist Organization of Eretz Israel workers "Achdut Ha'Avoda" belonging to David Lintzner (secretary of Berl Katznelson) - emblem of Hamei Tveria.

6. Permission for purchasing on credit at a grocery store - Tel Aviv. c. 1930s.

7. Admission card to the Kilzai provincial conference in Suchedniów - Ben Zion Glinski. July 10-12, 1931.

8. Membership Certificate in the Palestine police - 1940.

9. Donation card for the Austrian National Front - the National Front for the Liberation of Austria - calling on the French to join the war effort against the Nazi enemy in Austria, 1940s.

10. Membership notebook of a sergeant - The Central Fund of Hebrew Soldiers - unit A.T.S. 1944.

11-12. Two membership cards of the "Independent Zionist Organization" in Bulgaria - branch of the United Revisionist Zionists Organization - 1948.

13. Service certificate of Yehuda Weiss, a soldier in the Etzel in 1946.

14. פארייניקטע יידישע ארבעטער פארטיי "פועלי ציון" אין פוילן - Membership card of an activist in the "Poalei Zion" movement in Poland - 1946.

15. Guest card at the 22nd Zionist Congress in Basel, 1946.

16. Representative card of Moshe Arad, at the 22nd Zionist Congress in Basel, 1946.

Different sizes. Overall condition very good.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $220

9. An interesting collection of Jewish and Israeli paper items from the founding days of the State of Israel

22 important Jewish and Israeli paper items, mostly from the 1940s and 1950s:

Wedding invitation, Yiddish , 1926
Zionist World Organization Shekel, France 1945
New Year's card "Abundance of blessings, victory and peace, " Rosh Hashanah 1949
Special envelopes from the early days of the state - first day independent "Doar Ivri", Iyar 7, 1948, Dr. Chaim Weizman President of Israel, envelope of the first day 16/5/1948 with six stamps of different values ​​signed, envelope 'Long live the State of Israel' - Herzl, envelope of the currency stamps.
Blessing from the government of Israel to its citizens on the occasion of the decade of the state's existence, 1958 - a large foldable card documenting the achievements of the State of Israel in its first decade
Rare official announcement commemorating the 10th anniversary of the State of Israel with an illustration of the menorah with seven branches and a map of the Land of Israel from both sides of the Jordan - Vienna, May 30, 1958
Card commemorating the "Memory of the Sinai Campaign - 24th - 30th of Cheshvan 1957 with three security stamps and Gaza ink stamp
Various personal cards including: a compulsory service certificate of the Jerusalem Brigade "Alumim, " a member card of the Association of Youth Hostels in Israel, a member card of the "Histadrut HaMizrahi" in Israel, a Poor Certificate , and more.

Overall good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $150

10. Book of prayers for the anniversary of the birth of King Francis I. Trieste, 1830

CELEBRANDOSI... COMUNITA ISRAELITICA... SUA MAESTA FRANCESCO I IMPERATORE E RE - Prayer booklet for the anniversary of the birth of King Francis I, Trieste, February 12, 1830.

Prayers of thanksgiving for the moment when the savior King Francis I was born, the story of his deeds, and his praises. Italian and a few Hebrew.

[10] p. Tears at the edges of the pages. Moisture stains on all pages of the booklet. Moderate condition.

Opening price: $120

11. Booklet of prayers for the inauguration of the new synagogue in Amsterdam, 1928

Inauguration order of the new Synagogue in the south of our glorious city Amsterdam, 1928. Hebrew and Dutch page by page.

Shir Chanukat HaBayit, Hakafot, salvation to Queen Wilhelmina. In the second part of the booklet, the writer recounts the history of the synagogue in Amsterdam from the day it was founded - at the end he expresses a wish that the inauguration of the new synagogue will also bring to it Jews who are far from the Torah and Mitzvos and bring them closer to g-d. This part is in Dutch only.

VI, 17 p. 22 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $120

12. Protocols folder of "Friends of the National Produce" meetings, Tel Aviv 1927-1929

Folder containing dozens of protocols of the meetings of the members of the "Friends of the National Produce" that took place between January 1927 and January 1929 - a full typewritten transcript of meetings that were held from time to time over a period of two years and dealt with Israeli produce and its advancement in all branches of industry.

Many topics were discussed at those meetings, and many participants also participated in them. Among the participants were David Ben-Gurion, Shenkar, Dr. Moses, Rotman, Goralsky, A. Goldstein (the two signed some of the documents) and others. In the various meetings, the group discussed many issues for increasing and expanding Israeli produce - such as the importance of propaganda for Israeli products, opening an industry bank to promote the economy, perfecting the work of the Histadrut, planning various actions of the Department of Trade and Industry, working to adapt the country's laws to the needs of advanced industry, meetings in which they discussed how to promote manufacturing companies in Israel, arranging relations between labor providers and workers, and more. Part of the protocol was handwritten on the pages of the "National Vow", in which the vower pledged: "Not to buy any goods from foreign industries if the same is done here in Eretz Israel...".

Hundreds of pages - bound. Some stains. General condition good.

Opening price: $150

13. Ten years ago the State of Israel was born - the French "L'Information" issue published on the 10th anniversary of the State of Israel

Issue of the French newspaper L'Information from April 23, 1958 - A Decade of the State of Israel, the headline: "TELLE QU'ELLE AURAIT PARU A LA PROCLAMATION DE L'INDEPENDANCE L'Etat d'Israel est ne" - "10 years ago, as written in the Declaration of Independence, the State of Israel was born, " the subheadline: "David Ben-Gurion announces an independent Jewish state, " and the famous photograph shows David Ben-Gurion declaring Israel's independence in the Dizengoff House hall on May 14, 1948.

The entire issue deals with the declaration of the state and the events that accompanied it. The inner pages extensively cover the events of the Declaration of Independence that took place 10 years earlier in articles and photographs, and the achievements of the young State of Israel. In this issue, a rare additional Hebrew title appears on page 7, quoting a verse from Psalms: "Me'et Hashem Haita Zot, Hi Nifla'at BeEyneynu".

[4] pages. Apparently missing pages 5-6. Folding marks. Stains. Good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $130

14. Christopher Columbus - a large and impressive fabric to hang on the wall, to mark the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America

Christopher Columbus - a large and impressive lace fabric to hang on the wall - a souvenir from the events marking the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the American continent. United States, 1892. Museum item.

In the center of the map is embroidered the image of Columbus with a sword in his hand standing on a semicircle on which the word "AMERICA" is embroidered and the years 1842-1892. All around are impressive decorations. The decorations were all made using the technique of dense lace threads that form the figure and inscription.
The land discovered by Columbus during his first voyage westward is the first documented and proven discovery of the American continent by the people of Europe. His determination to sail into the unknown revealed to Europe at that time the "New World", thus opening a new chapter in the history of the world and bringing about far-reaching changes in the entire world.

67x72 cm. The fabric is sewn at the edge on purple fabric used for its background and preservation 87x87 cm. At the bottom left a few loose threads. General condition very good.

Opening price: $300

15. Queen Wilhelmina - fabric for hanging on the wall

KONINGIN WILHELMINA - Queen Wilhelmina - a large fabric for hanging on the wall. Netherlands, early 20th century.
On the map is a picture of the queen with the royal crown on her head, surrounded by decorations in the shape of leaves and flowers in shades of black and dark orange, and the inscription "KONINGIN WILHELMINA". Extremely rare.

Queen Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Marie; 1880-1962) was the Queen of the Netherlands from 1890 to 1948. She reigned in the Netherlands for fifty-eight years, longer than any other Dutch monarch. During her reign, the Netherlands was involved in World War I, experienced the Nazi occupation during World War II, and saw its power as a global colonial empire decline. During the war years, the queen fled to Britain, led the exiled Dutch government, and served as a source of encouragement and inspiration for the Dutch resistance fighters.

70x61 cm. Fringes of threads on the lower edges. Overall condition is very good.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $360

16. Rare pendant - Queen Victoria's Sixtieth Jubilee. England, 1897

An antique pendant issued on the occasion of the sixtieth jubilee of Queen Victoria 1837-1897. England, 1897.

On the front is a medallion with a miniature photograph of the Queen decorated with leaves and flowers around. On the back of the pendant is the Queen's name and the years - On the occasion of the Sixty Years of the Queen 1837-1897.

Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom (Alexandrina Victoria, 1819-1901) from 20 June 1837 until her death. She reigned for 63 years and seven months, more than any British king who reigned before her. She was also the first Empress of India, beginning on May 1, 1876. Her reign is named after her, "the Victorian period". It was the heyday of the Industrial Revolution, in which the United Kingdom underwent many developments in the fields of society, economy and technology. During her reign the British Empire grew greatly, and was considered the most powerful empire in the world. Victoria was the granddaughter of King George III, and the last British ruler of the House of Hanover. Victoria is considered one of the most powerful women in human history in general.

Diameter: 4 cm. Black spot on the back of the pendant. Good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $160

17. Charity box - souvenir from the coronation event of King George VI. London, 1937

GEORGE VI AND ELIZABETH, MAY 12, 1937 - Miniature charity box - souvenir from the coronation event of King George VI, published by OXO LTD THAMES HOUSE, London, 1937.

On the side of the box in gold color, the figure of King George VI is next to his wife Queen Elizabeth (mother of Queen Elizabeth II), on the other side of the wall are the letters GR VI - George VI, and floral decorations.

George VI [1895-1952] was the King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth and Emperor of India from December 11, 1936, until his death in 1952.

Height: 8 cm. Maximum circumference: 6.5 cm. Slight rust marks on the edges of the lid. Good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $150

18. Albert Einstein took the oath of allegiance upon receiving his American citizenship. October, 1940

A press photograph of Albert Einstein swearing in upon receiving U.S. citizenship at a federal court in Trenton. To his right is his daughter Margot, and to his left is his secretary Helen Dukas, both also swearing allegiance. On the back of the photo, a piece of paper is glued with a stencil-printed description of the event, as well as newspaper clippings from The New York Times in which the picture was published and a review of the event. Trenton, New Jersey, October 1, 1940.

Einstein left Germany in 1933 following the rise of the Nazis to power and settled in the United States. That same year, Einstein renounced his German citizenship but still retained his Swiss citizenship, living for many years in Princeton as a permanent resident while joining the staff of the Institute for Advanced Research in the city. On October 1, 1940, Einstein decided to complete the process and become a U.S. citizen. This move marked his satisfaction with his new life in America, and above all, it expressed his opposition to Nazism with the outbreak of war in Europe, declaring that he would never return to Germany. Einstein took the oath and received American citizenship along with his step-daughter Margot and his longtime secretary Helen Dukas, who are visible in the photo. The event took place at a federal court in Trenton, New Jersey.

The content of the oath spoken by Einstein at that time can be see here .

21x17 cm. Diagonal crack on the left side of the photo. Good condition.

Opening price: $400
Sold: $1,800

19. Albert Einstein on the beach in Santa Barbara - 1931

A photograph of Albert Einstein deep in thought on the beach in Santa Barbara, California. November 2, 1931.

Taken during Einstein's weekend visit to his host Dr. Ludwig Kast.

The title of the photograph on the back on the piece of paper glued "ALON AT LAST". Ink stamp of the photo agency WIDE WORLD PHOTOS. We found negatives of this photograph in several archives, as well as a negative of another photograph of Einstein together with his wife on the same beach that day. Before us is apparently the only original photograph in the world.

26x21 cm. Slight tear in the white margins in the upper part of the photograph. Good - very good condition.

Opening price: $400
Sold: $3,200

20. Nikola Tesla - oil on canvas - Darko Topalski

Oil painting on canvas - a portrait of the renowned physicist and electrical engineer, one of the greatest inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla [1856-1943], created by Darko Topalski - signed and authenticated by the artist.

Artist Darko Topalski was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1976. He graduated from the "Academy of Classical Painting" in Sremska Kamenica, Serbia. Darko Topalski is a contemporary painter whose works are displayed in many important international art exhibitions. Topalski began his artistic journey inspired by the painting of Caspar David Friedrich, exploring different styles of landscapes, still life portraits, and abstract works. His paintings are characterized by impressive precision, a lively brushstroke, and richness, including meticulous details of the portrayed figure to the point where the painted figure comes to life and stands before the viewer as a tangible reality. The great Jewish painter Isidor Kaufmann was once asked by an art critic about the difference between a good work and a masterpiece, and he replied: If one can discern the soul and character of a person in a work, beyond their external form, as accurate as it may be in the painting, then we have a masterpiece before us. This is well reflected in the work of Darko Topalski.
His works reside with honor in numerous private and organizational collections worldwide, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Slovakia, Mexico, Serbia, Montenegro, and more.

40x30 cm. Wooden frame: 43x52 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $300
Sold: $400

21. A special humor issue of the French newspaper Le Rire, published on the occasion of King Edward VII's visit to France in May 1903

A humorous issue full of caricatures dealing with King Edward VII around his visit to France in May 1903.

Among the caricatures that appear are also caricatures dealing with Jews. On the middle page, a large foldable poster [87x31 cm] in a colored lithographic print depicting a French wine banquet attended by King Edward.

Complete issue. Spine reinforced with adhesive paper. Good condition.

Opening price: $120

22. An issue of "L'Éclipse" - Anti-semitic title page - from the last issues that came out

An issue of the French magazine L'Éclipse, date January 23, 1876 - on the cover of the magazine, there is a large anti-Semitic caricature of a Jewish man with sidelocks and a long nose protruding from his hiding place, signed: 'André Gill'. One of the last issues that were published before it finally closed in the same year.

L'Éclipse was a French magazine that appeared between 1868 and 1876, edited by Francis Polo. The covers of the issues were adorned with large illustrations of famous personalities of the generation, usually in a political context, created by André Gill. The newspaper was closed due to an illustration of Napoleon III that did not find favor in his eyes. During the years that L'Éclipse was published, it operated under various government restrictions, which is also why each issue only contained four pages.

[4] pages. 50 cm. good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $120

23. The Wandering Jew - collection of items. 19th and early 20th century.

The Wandering Jew - Five paper items - illustrated brochures, posters and a hand-painted postcard. The 19th and early 20th century.

LE JUIF ERRANT poster no. 437 from Fabrique d'images de GANGEL in Metz. Size: 29x23 cm.

LA MORT DU JUIF - ERRANT - The Death of the Wandering Jew. Hand-painted anti-Semitic poster by the illustrator E. Phosty, published by Epinal. France, 19th century. Rare. Large poster divided into an 'ongoing story' about the Wandering Jew who collaborated with the devil and could not find rest until he confessed his sins before Jesus. French verses on the left express the Wandering Jew's feelings of fear: 'Wandering without limits in eternal despair...I can no longer drag my feet...How can I escape my fate?...'. 40x30 cm. Very good condition.

Pondes Enfantine - Booklet of children's songs and musical notes. One of the pages features the song of the wandering Jew and a large illustration in lithographic printing of the Wandering Jew arriving in a town. Missing back cover, tears on the spine.

Issue of LE CHARIVARI HEBDOMADAIRE SATIRIQUE ILLUSTRE - The French "Cat" - "The Illustrated Satirical Weekly", from March 2, 1929. The title page features Trotsky as "The Wandering Jew".

LE JUIF ERRANT - Hand-painted postcard with the scene of the Wandering Jew and sheet music for the song The Wandering Jew. France, early 20th century.

General condition very good.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $500

24. La Libre Parole - Édouard Drumont - six early issues

Six early issues of the virulent anti-Semitic newspaper La Libre Parole, edited by the anti-Semitic propagandist and journalist Edouard Drumont, founder of the Anti-Semitic League in France. Different months in the years 1894-1895.

On the title page of the May 19, 1894 issue, there is a large caricature presenting a "proposal" for the new French postage stamp. Four proposals feature anti-Semitic caricatures depicting the Rothschild family's control over the French economy. In one of the "proposals, " a Jew is seen flying away on a broom leaving France. The anti-Semitic caption below reads: "Competition for the new postage stamp. We sent the four examples above, they were rejected mercilessly...because these proposals are simply excellent...we appeal this decision for people who want to be completely free." On the inside pages, there is a cartoon in the form of an "ongoing story" about the Jewish swindler, and so in the other issues.

The magazine La Libre Parole ("The Free Word") was published as a weekly by the anti-Semitic journalist Edouard Drumont (1844-1917). On the title page of each issue, a large anti-Semitic caricature is printed in color. In the upper right part of the title page of each issue, the slogan "!La France aux Français" - 'France for the French' appears. On the inside pages, there are anti-Semitic articles insulting Jews, and of the threat they pose to France with their presence.

Drumont's newspaper was the first to publish news of the arrest of Alfred Dreyfus on November 1, 1894. On the first page of the newspaper, the news of Dreyfus's arrest was reported. Drumont boasted of his articles and newspaper contributions to prevent what he called "the fall of France into the hands of the Jews." The obsessive anti-Semitic articles during the Dreyfus affair period increased the circulation of his newspaper to reach one hundred thousand copies. Drumont became popular at the time for his inciting articles against Jews and capitalism, and his fighting and inspiring speeches to the masses. He boasted of being a kind of "pope of anti-Semitism." His views also went beyond the borders of France and influenced the policies of the Vichy regime and collaborators with the Nazis in France during World War II.

Six complete issues. 38 cm. General condition good.

Opening price: $200