Anti-semitism and Holocaust

A Jewish girl painted Jews with a yellow patch and perished in Auschwitz

Trembling Holocaust Relic - a notebook of drawings by the Jewish girl Renate Krochmal from the Izieu orphanage


Hitler's Jewish girl

About the unbelievable relationship between Hitler and a Jewish girl in the 1930s

Anti-semitism and Holocaust

The Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel facing the danger of Nazi occupation - a historical diary by Haganah commander Moshe Mitri

A historical discovery in the case that rocked the Jewish community in Eretz Israel in the midst of World War II

Anti-semitism and Holocaust

The Jew who shot - A Rare anti-Semitic publication following the David Frankfurter trial

A rare propaganda publication following the show trial held for the Jews of David Frankfurter

Anti-semitism and Holocaust

Monumental work in a concentration camp - concentration camp prisoner Abraham Berlin drew the camp on eggshells and was murdered in Auschwitz

Unique work of a Jewish prisoner in a concentration camp which was done secretly under difficult conditions

Anti-semitism and Holocaust

Measuring heads in Nazi Germany - the science of propaganda from the theory of Hans Guenther

Measuring the heads of the Jews in the German Reich - the Nazis who measured heads to determine the subject's race conducted the

Anti-semitism and Holocaust

The Rare Jews Tunisian yellow patch

About the rarity of the Tunisian yellow patch - the Stigma symbol of the Tunisian Jews under the Nazi occupation during World War