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April 4, 2022
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1. Lithuania 1915-1918 - Community register

Handwritten registration book with the names of about 350 families of Lithuanian Jews during the First World War, between the years 1915-1918. At the top of the page is the foreign date - month and year, and a detailed name list, including families of rabbis. It is possible that the book was used to registr sales on credit, or to registr community debts.

Not thoroughly tested by us.

38 written pages. 34 cm. Nice original cardboard cover. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $160

2. Government of Palestine - Collection of newspapers and documents

Collection of newspapers and documents - Government of Palestine, 1920s to 1950s.

* Palestine Gazette - Official newspaper of the Government of Palestine, 34 issues bound, January -June 1934. The paper was published by the government. And published trade symbols of the companies active in Palestine during the British Mandate, decrees and regulations, municipal laws, announcements by the Government of Palestine, important information about the various populations in Israel and more.

* Official Gazette of the Government of Palestine, January 1, 1928.

* Collection of documents and immigration certificates of immigrants from Germany.

* Official Gazette No. 14, Tel Aviv, 6 August 1948, 11 August 1948.

* Official Gazette No. 14 dated Friday, August 4, 1948, supplement II.

* 4 licenses for candy stores in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem according to the 'Crafts and Industries Ordinance' of the State of Israel.

general condition good.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $280

3. Collection of membership certificates - Betar movement in Europe

About 20 membership certificates, rare official invitations, and more, of Israel Wax - a member of the Betar movement and the Revisionists in various places in Europe - 1930s.

Among the certificates: His membership certificate from the Betar branch in Breslau, a membership certificate of the Revisionists in France, Rare Invitation to the Lag B'Omer Celebration - Trumpeldor Alliance 'Central Warsaw Center', and another membership card of the "Trainees' Federation in Paris, official invitation to the third Betar national convention in Poland - October 1933, the main leadership of the "Masada" revisionist youth union in Poland, Axis Certificate - The Sixth National Conference of the Tzahar Alliance in Poland 1934, Official Envelopes of the "Revisionist Zionist Alliance", Rare Booklet About Jabotinsky Published in Prague In 1937 - (During Jabotinsky's life about three years before his death), pages of official letters of the Zionist Alliance in Poland, the Main Committee, and the Revisionist Zionist Alliance in Belgium.

general condition good.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $200

4. Two important publications regarding the establishment of a Jewish state in Israel

* The Establishment in Palestine of the Jewish National Home - Memorandum submitted by the Zionist Organization to the Secretary-General of the League of Nations for information from the Mandates Committee, October 1924. Extensive details of the Jewish State Establishment Plan with reference to all components of the Jewish-Arab question in 1924. 46 pages.

PALESTINE AFFAIRS - A Monthly Bulletin on palestine and the Middle East - No. 5 - Special Date - The Monthly Announcing the Establishment of the State of Israel - May 1948 - The title page contains the text of the Declaration of Independence, On the inside pages is copy of 'official newspaper', the regulations of the new state, and a map of Jerusalem, and more. rare.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $140

5. Albert Einstein - a rare photo taken at the end of his life

A rare photo of Albert Einstein - taken at the end of his life, in the mid-1950s.

24x18 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $250
Sold: $1,200

6. Printed leaf - Prayer for the Success of the Pregnancy of Sophia, Princess of Sweden - Wife of Leopold the Grand Duke of Baden, early 19th century

Prayer 'To Pray in all the synagogues of Baden country on Holy Saturday ...' - single leaf - a special prayer to pray for mercy and peace and the success of the birth of Queen Sophia, Princess of Sweden - wife of Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden after she became pregnant. "קול מבשר טוב משמיע ישועה לאמר הנה היא הרה, ותמלא ארצנו גיל וחדוה, ותרב תקות כל יושביה...". The first decades of the 19th century.

Sophia, Princess of Sweden [1801-1865] Daughter of Gustav IV Adolf, King of Sweden, and wife of Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden. In 1815 Sophia became engaged to Leopold, Prince of Baden, and on July 25, 1819, the two married, and had eight children. In 1830 Ludwig I, Grand Duke of Baden, died, and her husband Leopold came to power in his place.

Prayer for the success of any queen's pregnancy is extremely rare. See Dynasty auction no. 13 Items 12 and 13.

Leaf 35 cm. Thick paper. Stains. Tears at the top of the leaf. Good-moderate condition.

Opening price: $180
Sold: $150

7. Handwriting - The Blessing of the 'HaNoten Tshuah'. Germany, 1800s

HaNoten Tshuah LaMelachim - 'who gives salvation to kings' - a handwritten blessing , written for the peace of Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony - Prince-Bishop of Augsburg from 1768 until 1812 when he went to war in Trier in West Germany. handsome scribal script, dotted writing. The title, the emperor's name, and illustrations in red ink.

28x21 cm. Thick paper. Good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $150

8. Issue of Napoleon's Empire Newspaper Refers to Jewish Regulations Confirmed by "Napoleon's Sanhedrin"

JOURNAL DE L'EMPIRE - Napoleon's Empire newspaper dated March 21, 1808. Historical issue with extensive reference to regulations related to Jews, which were enacted after the discussions of the "Napoleon Sanhedrin" - the assembly of Jews in France attended by 71 Jewish dignitaries as members of the Sanhedrin, convened in October 1806 by Rabbi Yosef David Zinzheim.

In this issue were brought regulations relating to synagogues and rabbis as formulated by Napoleon and the heads of the empire, among them: each synagogue will unite under the leadership of community members about 2000 Jewish families near the synagogue, Each synagogue will have one rabbi to head it, and two 'deputies' which will be chosen by the community, The rabbi's age is over 30. The role of the rabbi and his deputies is to maintain order in the synagogues, regulate the collection from community members, fill out records of the number of Jews living in each district, to arrange marriage forms, take care of Jews who have no employment, regulations concerning the appointment of members, regulations relating to the election of the Chief Rabbi to be made by 25 dignitaries, regulations relating to the origin of the rabbi (if he is not a native of France he can not serve as a synagogue rabbi, nor will he serve as a rabbi if he does not know French), An interesting regulation that appears is the obligation to make a public prayer in the synagogue for the peace of the emperor and his wife, and more.

In 1808, following the trend started by Napoleon, the consistories, the district associations of the Jews were established and a chief rabbi was appointed at the head of the Jewish religion in France. Despite the attempts of the Jews to please Napoleon, the "disgraceful order" (Le Décret Infâme) was issued on March 17 of that year, without the approval of the Council of State, which imposed severe restrictions on the freedom of occupation and settlement of the Jews. The issue before us stated that it should be separated the 'religious freedom' that was given to Jews from the daily restrictions that were imposed on them in those months.

[4] pages. Very good condition.

Opening price: $200

9. Children of King Charles I - King James II of England and Mary Henrietta the Royal Princess - Albumen Print

les enfants du roi charles I - An early albumen print showing the son and daughter of Charles I of England - James II of England [1622-1701], and Mary Henrietta the Royal Princess [1631-1660]. Published by A. JAGER Amsterdam, 19th century.

Size: 17x11 cm. Glued to the photographer's original cardboard board. Very good condition.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $150

10. 10 Early albumen prints of European queens and princesses in the 13th-17th centuries

10 Albumen prints (CDV size) of queens and princesses in various European countries in the 13th-17th centuries, published by E. NEURDEIN Paris, 19th century.

Portrait figures of: Elizabeth d' Angleterre Queen of England [1533-1603], Catherine de Medicis Queen of France [1519-1589], Marguerite de Valois Princess of France [1553-1615], Anne d' Autriche Duchess of Brittany (1477-1514), Gabrielle d'Estrees Duchess of Beaufort Warneville [1573-1599], Claude de France Princess of France (1524-1499), Jean de France I Queen of Navarre (1273-1305), Marie Stuart Queen of Scots (1542-1587), Anne de Bretage Duchess Austria (1601-1666), Portrait of La fornarina.

Same size: 11x7 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $280

11. Joséphine de Beauharnais - Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife - an ancient decoration

An ancient and rare decoration with the figure of Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763 - 1814), the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress of France from 1804.

Josephine, the daughter of a sugar grower of aristocratic descent, married Napoleon, who was Six years younger than her, in 1796 while he was a senior officer. In 1804 Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of France, and Josephine Empress. Napoleon divorced her in 1809.
Provenance - founded in the river Berzina - (which is in Belarus), which flows into the Dnieper. In November 1812 Napoleon suffered heavy casualties (about 36,000 men) at the Battle of Brezina as he crossed the river during his retreat from Russia. Due to the severe results of the battle (from France's point of view), the word 'bérézina' (French) has taken root in French as a synonym for catastrophe or disaster.

5x4.5 cm. Thin metal. Signs of obsolescence.

Opening price: $300

12. Queen Victoria and the British aristocratic family - Raphael Tuck & Sons - 1897

JUBILEE SOUVENIR - The Royal Circle at Windsor - A group cabinet photo of Queen Victoria and members of the British aristocratic family on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Victoria's reign. Raphael Tuck & Sons - London, Paris, and New York 1897. On the back are the names of all the present (Kings and Princes) according to a number that matches the photo.

The English Jewish Tuck distribution plant opened in London as early as the 1870s. In the world of photographs and the first postcards ever published, a place of honor is save for Tuck and Sons' agency. Thanks to the beautiful works he created that were considered groundbreaking in the field of graphics at the time, he was chosen to supply graphic materials to the British royal court. Tuck employed the best graphic artists and designers, and due to the demand, he supplied his products even to the non-Jewish population. In the last decade of the 19th century, Tuck's agency opened a branch to distribute its goods on Broadway in New York, at which time the agency excelled in printing Jewish 'Happy New Year' postcards.

Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom [1819-1901] Granddaughter of King George III, and last British control of the House of Hanover. Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom from 20 June 1837 until her death, for 63 years and seven months, more than any British king who preceded her. She was also the first Empress of India, beginning on May 1, 1876. Her reign is named after her, "the Victorian period". It was the heyday of the Industrial Revolution, in which the United Kingdom underwent many developments in the fields of society, economy and technology. During her reign the British Empire grew greatly, and was considered the most powerful empire in the world. Victoria is considered one of the most powerful women in human history in general.

Size: 7x12 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $140

13. Sixty Years of the Queen - a collection of pamphlets published on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria - photographs originating in the Queen's own court. London, 1897

SIXTY YEARS A QUEEN THE STORY OF VICTORIA'S REIGN TOLD BY SIR HERBERT MAXWELL - A set of Magnificent sheets 1-10 which were published on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria. Published by HARMSWORTH BROS LIMITED, London 1897. The pamphlets were published once every two weeks, in which Herbert Maxwell describes the important events which took place during the sixty years of her reign. The pamphlets are accompanied by hundreds of historical photographs originating from the royal collections, photographs which were brought in with the Queen's personal consent , and many of which appeared in these pamphlets for the first time. Likewise, the events of the battles documented in them are taken from original sketches and photographs from the Queen's own court. Very rare.

The first booklet contains an impressive color lithograph of Queen Victoria, rare photographs from the Queen's childhood years when she was 4, as well as photographs from her wedding day. In issue No. 9, historical photographs from the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Queen. The covers are all in color.

10 Booklets (1-10 consecutive). general condition good .

Opening price: $250
Sold: $280

14. THE QUEEN DOLS' HOUSE - Collection of Postcards - Raphael Tuck & Sons

THE QUEEN DOLS' HOUSE - A series of 44 postcards featuring the Queen Victoria's Royal Dollhouse. All the postcards are published by Raphael Tuck & Sons and on the back of each of them is the caption: ART PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING & QUEEN. London, c. 1900.

'The Doll's House' is the inner and outer structure of Queen Victoria's British Royal Palace. It includes the royal furniture, cutlery, living room decor, the Queen's carriage, the royal weapons, and the rest of the accessories that were used in Queen Victoria's British royal court. The various exhibits appear in color in a high-quality lithographic print. On the back of each postcard is an accurate description of the item that appears on its various parts, size, and a detailed description of the material from which it was made - gold, diamonds, silver, woodcut, etc. Some of the postcards even feature exhibits some of which are currently on display in a museum in London (such as the nursery, and others).

The English Jewish Tuck distribution plant opened in London as early as the 1870s. In the world of photographs and the first postcards ever published, a place of honor is save for Tuck and Sons' agency. Thanks to the beautiful postcards he created that were considered groundbreaking in the field of graphics at the time, he was chosen to supply graphic materials to the British royal court. Tuck employed the best graphic artists and designers, and due to the demand he supplied his products even to the non-Jewish population. In the last decade of the 19th century, Tuck's agency opened a branch to distribute its goods on Broadway in New York, at which time the agency excelled in printing Jewish 'Happy New Year' postcards.

Postcards: 9x14 cm. The postcards are in the album 29x20 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $150

15. Bookmark - 60th Anniversary of Queen Victoria - Raphael Tuck

DIAMOND JUBILEE SOUVENIR 1837-1897 - G-D SAVE THE QUWEEN - A bookmark marking the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. London, Paris, New York. 1897.

The queen figure in color. At the back, a prayer song for the Queen's well-being and the length of her reign.

16x5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $340

16. Fabric bookmark - Abraham Lincoln. the 19th century

An embroidered bookmark made of cloth - a portrait of the 16th President of the United States - Abraham Lincoln, alongside the flags of the United States and the American Eagle (the official seal of approval for documents issued by the United States government). the 19th century.

20x6 cm. Unraveling threads in the middle of the bookmark. general condition good.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $150

17. Medal pendant - to mark the coronation of King Edward VII. August 1902

Medal pendant marking the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra - crowned at Westminster Abbey on August 9, 1902. (The coronation date appears on the back of the medal).

Edward VII (November 9, 1841 - May 6, 1910) The King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King of the British Commonwealth and British Emperor from January 22, 1901 until his death on May 6, 1910. As regent, Edward held the title "Prince of Wales", a title he carried for nearly 60 years. He was known as "the uncle of Europe", as he had blood ties with almost all the monarchs in Europe. Edward was considered the epitome of the fashionable and hedonistic aristocracy. He was responsible for cultivating relations between Britain and the rest of Europe, and especially with France, which is why he was called a "peacemaker."

Diameter: 30 mm. Good condition.

Opening price: $100

18. A rare photograph of King Edward VIII as a child

A rare photograph of King Edward VII [1894-1972] at the age of 6.

See also next item.

21x8 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $110

19. Calendar - Edward VIII

Calendar with a picture of Edward VIII - The king who Gave up his tenure. England, 1937.

A calendar for 1937, issued in honor of King Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain who relinquished the throne in favor of his marriage to the American Wallis Simpson, and in fact was the king who ruled the United Kingdom for the shortest time, less than a year, in 1936. The Calendar is attached to the bottom of the image (originally), with gilt inscription on the front, and the royal crownand, on the back of the picture is a description of landmarks in the life of King Edward until his coronation on May 12, 1937.

Edward VIII [1894-1972] King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and its territories from January 20, 1936 until his resignation on December 11, 1936. After the death of his father, King George V, on January 20, 1936, his eldest son - Edward, ascended the throne, named "King Edward VIII". Edward shocked the whole of Britain when he announced his resignation from the throne in light of his desire to marry the American Wallis Simpson, who was divorced and as a result their marriage was avoided according to the decision of the British government, to which the king is committed. In fact, British law knows no way the king can resign. Therefore, the next day, the British Parliament passed a special law approving the king's resignation, and revoking the title of his descendants as well. After relinquishing the crown, Edward received the title "His Majesty the Duke of Windsor", which was a purely symbolic title. The couple moved to France, where they married, and then lived in the United States and France. For many years members of the royal family were not in touch with Edward, as a kind of unofficial boycott. Just near his death he was visited at his home in Paris by his niece Queen Elizabeth and her son, Prince Charles. He was already too exhausted to host them. A few days later he passed away.

Souvenirs from Edward's VIII short reign are extremely rare.

Size: 23x33 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $100

20. Canvas map to mark the royal wedding. July 29, 1981

Embroidered cloth map, to commemorate Prince Charles' royal wedding to Princess Diana on July 29, 1981. Made in Ireland.

The wedding took place at St Paul's Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981, in front of 3,500 guests. Diana was The first England to marry the heir to the throne since 1659, when Lady Anne Hyde married the Duke of York, later King James II. After the marriage, she was awarded the title "Princess of Wales".

73x47 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $150

21. Cloth map to mark the coronation of Wilhelmina Queen of the Netherlands - 1898

A cloth map issued on the occasion of Wilhelmina's official appointment as Queen of the Netherlands. 1898. On the map is a picture of the queen at the age of 18, a royal crown, and decorations.

On November 23, 1890, King Willem died, and although Princess Wilhelmina became, according to the Dutch constitution, the Queen of the Netherlands immediately, Wilhelmina's mother, Queen Emma, was appointed regent. When Wilhelmina was eighteen years old, on August 31, 1898, her mother ceased to be regent, and Wilhelmina became The queen.

Queen Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Marie; 1880-1962) Queen of the Netherlands between 1890 and 1948. Queen in the Netherlands for fifty-eight years, more than any other Dutch monarch. During her reign the Netherlands was involved in World War I, the Nazi occupation during World War II, in the years when its power as a world colonial power declined. Wilhelmina is known for her steadfast stand in World War II, in which she exiled to Britain, was the Prime Minister of the Dutch exile, and was a source of encouragement and inspiration to the fighters of the Dutch underground.

27x27 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $120

22. 10 postcards issued on the occasion of the coronation of Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands

10 Real Photo postcards issued on the occasion of Wilhelmina Queen of the Netherlands. Various publishers, c. 1900.

Among them is a postcard showing Wilhelmina as a baby, Wilhelmina's daughter - Juliana as a child, the queen and her family, the queen in royal clothes on the day of her coronation, and more.

See also previous item.

10 postcards, 4 were mailed. general condition good.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $220

23. The Wandering Jew - a magazine - 100 issues bound -Starting with the first issue. Paris, 1860-1861

LE JUIF ERRANT Journal de Romans, de Voyages et d'illustrations, paraissant le Mercredi et Samedi - 'The Wandering Jew' - a magazine for novels, travels and illustrations, which appears on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A sequel story about the 'wandering Jew' which was published as an illustrated magazine. Issues 1-101. One hundred consecutive issues bound - Whole year sheets - various editors: Paris, from March 31, 1860 - to March 16, 1861. From the early publications published continuously on the subject of the 'Wandering Jew' in France.

On the title page of each issue is a painting of the character 'The Wandering Jew', and an antisemitic plot story usually in a medieval atmosphere, accompanied by illustrations of the plot, songs of the wandering Jew, and sometimes musical notes.
The legend of the wandering Jew is based on The Middle Ages anti-Semitic folk tale about the Jew who, because he lost his death, could not lose his life, and therefore occasionally appears in different forms and plays different roles. The legend originated in 1228 in a story about a Christian priest who met a Jew (And according to one version Jesus himself who met a Jewish shoemaker on the way to his death), and it served as an object of various anti-Semitic stories about the Jews that appeared in caricatures mainly in nineteenth-century in France, portraying the wandering Jew as a foreign threat to human society.

100 consecutive sheets, bound. 32 cm. Few stains. Good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $260

24. The Political Year in Pictures' - Booklets 1-4 - 1900-1904

L'Annee politique en images - 'The Political Year in Pictures' Booklets 1, 2, 3, 4. years: 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903-1904. France. Rare.

In pamphlets, hundreds of color cartoons by the illustrator J.BELON over entire pages, covering the political year in France, accompanied by short inscriptions. Extensive reference to the Dreyfus affair at its end after its his final acquittal (especially in Booklet No. 1 which summarizing the year 1900). Dreyfus' acquittal is described in them as a disaster for France, and the message is that Dreyfus is the one who gave the Jews a status of power they never had, and France will pay dearly for it. Likewise, a reference to the events that took place in France over an entire year every year in the years 1900-1904, with an antisemitic tone blaming the Jews for the political disasters that befell French society. The four booklets are an introduction by HENRI ROCHEFORT in which he explains that the excessive ugliness of the characters in the cartoons corresponds to the real character of them in reality.

Booklets 1-4. Original illustrated covers. Booklets 1 and 4 reinforcements with adhesive tape on the cover. general condition good.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $240