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Eretz Israel, settlement, anti-Semitism, Holocaust and She'erit Ha-Pleita, postcards and photographs, letters by rabbis and rebbes, Chabad, Judaica, and more

October 29, 2019
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1. Letter from Haim Nachman Bialik to his active Zionist friend Yakov Klatzkin

Postcard Handwritten and signature by Haim Nachman Bialik - sent to his friend the philosopher and Zionist activist Yakov Klatzkin. Hamburg, March 1923.

In his letter, Bialik says that he stayed in Berlin for two weeks and that he was going to return to Berlin on the upcoming Passover holiday and wanted to meet with Klatzkin upon his arrival. below Bialik's signature and date: 25/3

[1] postcard 14x9 cm . Very good condition.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $100

2. 'The tribute of Rishon Lezion is ... of all proud Jew in the Nachshon Factory of Our First Pioneers shoulders that we Stand Today' - Early Letter by David Ben Gurion, May 1934

After being banished from Ben Gurion to celebrate the anniversary of the founders of the Rishon Le Zion colony - Dov Haviv and Shimon Belkind, he sent a letter to the local council in Rishon Lezion: '... the seventy-year anniversary of the early builders of Zion is a tribute not to a single colony and not to the Jewish community alone, but to every proud Jew in the Nachshon enterprise of our first pioneers, of whom we stand today, second and third generation and all following us ...' ' And congratulates the two jubilee grooms: 'Those who have been allowed to lay the foundation. I wish they could see the final of the Tefahot in our renewed homeland. ' Ben Gurion's signature on the margins of the letter, and a single letter correction in his handwriting. Sivan 5.31.1934. at the time Ben Gurion spent a few months in Tel Aviv before becoming chairman of the Jewish Agency's management.

Early letters by David Ben-Gurion are rare and almost absent.

[1] Official letter of ,'David Ben Gurion Tel Aviv', with his signature. 30x22 cm. Folding marks. Good condition.

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Sold: $280

3. 'Bring us all the literature and press which talks considerable importance about the Land of Israel ...' - Early Letter by David Ben Gurion

An early letter signed by David Ben Gurion. Addressed to Dov Hose, The affairs of the Land of Israel working. C-30s'

Ben-Gurion praises Dov Hoz: 'We have heard some of your heroic acts and the greatness and fortunes that you have worked in this Greater Knesset. Blessed is the eye saw all these, "and promise him that he would receive the Power of attorney he need, and strengthened him:" Go this way, and obtain us an 8-hour work day ... ". Ben-Gurion requests that on the occasion of a cultural conference, all the literature and presses of the country and its workers and delegations should be transferred, and adds an interesting fact that Remez and fromkin asked to do business with Mr. Smilansky - to transport Rafts from the black sea to the Mediterranean with cash and banknotes as is customary, but he refused. And finishes:
'Bring us professional and collaborative literature and journalism as your promise and we are ready to send the book and other expenses to all the professional associations in the world for them' . Below Ben Gurion's signature.

[1] leaf. Filing holes. Very good condition.

Opening price: $200

4. The National Committee - An important collection of documents, notebooks, and paper items. 30s and 40s

An important collection of documents, pamphlets, publications, and paper items published by the National Committee for the Knesset Israel. 30s and 40s.

* 4 voter cards for the Fourth Chamber of Assembly [August 1944] - The Bardaki Family. (The Assembly of Representatives convened in Jerusalem was considered the top national institution to elect the National Committee. It was one of the three national institutions established in Eretz Israel in the 1920s, together with the National Committee and the Knesset, and acted as a national assembly and enabled the other national institutions to take its inspiration. The assembly was established in April 1920 as a body elected by a political key by parties).

* 9 Sports pocket notebooks by the National Committee for Knesset Israel - Department of Physical Training. Years: 1945-1950, 1952, seven of Hana Mendelssohn, and two of Uri Friedman, and Avinoam Herzog. The cards show the details of athletes and their achievements in the various sports.

* Shlomit Klivenov's Axis Certificate for the Fourth Assembly: "This certificate grants all the rights of the Assembly of Representatives ...".

* 2 Culture Donation Notebooks - Donor Notebook to the National Committee - the Mill Factory. One of Aria Fridlansky for the Nissan 1939 - Tishrei 1941, the second of Vilvosh Shoshana for the period of 1942-3. The tables include a Bible for reading the Bible daily, Chazal articles and more.

* 4 certificates of excellence in sports by the National Committee for the Knesset of Israel in Eretz Israel - Department of Physical Training Years: 1940, 1943, 1944, 1946. A three of Uri Friedman, and one of Fienblatt Leah.

* A sports brochure called 'Six Gymnastics Boards', processed by the Department of Physical Training of the National Knesset Committee, Lanoter Press, Haifa, 1940, includes illustrations on physical activity.

* 10 certificates of excellence from the National Committee of Education, schools from different regions, different students. 1930-1942.

* 16 Various publications published by various departments of the National Committee, most of them in stencil printing, including: instructions to schools on discipline and punishments, memo to the National Committee for the Jews of Eretz Israel and to the Mandate Committee of the League of Nations for the June 1926, Accountability for the 10th Session of the Assembly of Jerusalem 1942, training course for summer camp instructors Kfar Vitkin, public summer camp for school children in the summer of 1946, National Committee on Summer Camps by the National Committee, and more.

The National Committee, or by its full name, the National Committee of Knesset Israel, was the executive branch of the Assembly of Representatives during the British Mandate in Palestine, and served as the "State on the way" council. The committee was first elected by members of the Assembly in 1920, and this year began its activities. It was only officially recognized by the British government in 1928, and it served as the representative of the Jewish community in front of it. The mandate government gave the National Committee legal and administrative powers, so that it could fulfill its role. Agudat Israel and the ultra-Orthodox opposed the committee, and refused to participate it because of general opposition to Zionism. In 1944, the committee was boycotted by the revisionist Zionist administration for opposing the committee's policy.

various sizes and conditions, General condition: Good.

Opening price: $200

5. Collection of personal cards - the Betar, the Zaha'r movement and the Herut movement

14 membership cards, personalized card, and invitations to events from the Betar Movement, the Zaha'r [Revisionist Zionists], and the Herut Movement, the 1940s and 50s.

* Two "Zionist Citizen" Fees by the New Zionist Organization, 1938-1940 [belonged to Mordechai Raziel and Bluma Raziel].

* Invitation to attend the opening session of the National Council of the Herut Movement 19/10/1948, Opening Speech: Menachem Begin.

* Mordechai Raziel's Axis Card for the Revisionist Zionist Alliance in Palestine Eleventh National Conference September 5-6, 1948.

* Two invitations to the Dinner of the Zaha'r General Covenant - 1948: 'The Zionist Certificate is the Establishment of the Hebrew State in the Land of Israel from Two Rivers of the Jordan' [Raziel Mordechai and Raziel Bluma].

* Honorary invitation to erect a monument to Dov Gruner on behalf of Shelach - Association for Freedom Fighters - Eyar 1954, signed by Prof. Joseph Klausner and B.C. Katzenelbogen.

* Aryeh Naor Betar' certificate [1955].

* Membership certificate of Raziel Mordechai in Herut movement .

* Two membership certificate in the Herut Movement of Raziel Mordechai and Raziel Bluma, Tel Aviv branch.

* Invitation to celebrate the bringing in the sefer Torah in honor of the gallows in the synagogue and in the Shikun Herut - Ramat Gan garden, with the participation of Rabbi of the prisoners Rabbi Aryeh Levin, chairman of the movement Menachem Begin and more.

* Receipt of Tel Hai Foundation in Palestine.

* Membership certificate of Raziel Mordechai in the Herut movement.

Overall Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $120

6. Keren Hayesod - Collection of Important Publications

A collection of 14 important and unknown publications published by Keren Hayesod, Eretz Israel and Europe, The 1920s to the 1950s. The collection includes stencils printed in individual copies, rare photo brochures with sights from Palestine, maps, important calendars, and more.

* Two ZIONIST KORRESPONDENZ. Stencil Printing, Berlin 1920, 1921.

* Eretz Israel - Keren Hayesod's Main Bureau, London, 1924. Rare publication with 32 large photographs showing the construction of the Jewish community in Palestine. Descriptions in three languages ​​- Hebrew, Yiddish, and English.

* Kfar Nahalal - How the Keren Hayesod Builds New Villages in Palestine on the Land of the JNF, Keren Hayesod Publishing, 1924 - Photos. Published in limited number of copies.

* Palestine The Land of immigration.JNF - Keren Hayesod, London 1926 - Photos.

* Foundations of the Keren Hayesod in Eretz Israel - Heads of Chapters for Conversations. Three booklets, years: 1939, 1941,1942. Three booklets in stencil printing and intended for members of the Keren Hayesod regarding the fund's present struggles.

* Two rare calenders 1947-8, and 1949-50. Data in the original cases with a 'Happy New Year' greeting. At the opening of the 1948 calender:
'We are still expecting, the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine has already submitted its report to the UN, but its decision has not yet been finalized. Meanwhile, prisoners of hope are in the DP camps and they are determined to cut off the shackles of exile ... ' . On both many black and white photographs from the sights of the developing Land of Israel, and the Keren Hayesod [dozens of pages in each calender. Dozens of pages in every panel of leaders Israeli photographers' - Kluger, Jonas, Weissenstein, Bernheim, Lerski, Poznanski, and others.

* Dr. Haim Weizman - Commentaries on the Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem 1953.

* Vision, Will and Fulfillment - An Album Edition with dozens of photographs from the beginning of Jewish settlement, 1953.

* DE 74 PAYS - No Year Mentioned. Many photographs, starting with the first Zionist Congress.

* From dan to Eilat - Keren Hayesod - Oz Fortresses during the War Sources of livelihood for the people during peacetime. Jerusalem 1951.

* The Land of Israel opens Map with a colorful lithographic print, 1950s.

* Yediot LaAskan - Published by the Unified National Committee of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Keren Hayesod, Information Department. February 1959. Stencil printing - Numerous numerical data on immigration to Israel, immigrant housing and more.

14 publications in total. Very good overall condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $150

7. The Jewish National Fund - Collection of Paper items.Europe and the Land of Israel, 1930s

15 rare paper items published in various places by the Israel National Fund. Europe and the Land of Israel, 1930s.

Among them: Designed invitation for Israeli Hanukkah Prom on behalf of JNF, Zagreb 1938, 'The Donation of the Matar' - a card for filling JNF donation stamps Zagreb 1938, entry ticket for Purim ball on behalf of JNF - Zagreb. The JNF's Yizkor, Zagreb 1936, "Yizkor", Jerusalem 1937 - A fancy booklet with all its pages surrounded by a silver frame - containing the donor's names in their will for the redemption of the land of Israel and their year of death. Black and white photographs documenting JNF operations (full booklet), JNF publishing pages with Russian captions, JNF box leaf Bukovina Czernowitz branch, Two miniature stamp books' Israel National, Two Rupin stamps, Wedding greeting card sent by the JNF - October 1948, and more.

Different sizes, very good condition.

Opening price: $150

8. Large Collection of Documents and Paper items - grocery Organization in Palestine, 1940s - 50s

An interesting and important collection of dozens of documents and paper items related to several grocery organizations in the Land of Israel: The Jerusalem Grocery Retail Organization, the Hamashvie organization - an economic company of grocery retailers in Israel, a food supply company, and the General Merchants Association in Israel, the 1940s and 1950s.

A wide variety of stencil prints and handwritten leaves that reflect the mood and conduct of organizing grocery merchants into one body at the outset. Among: various requests for merchants' retailer organization to raise salaries and provide basic food products, profit lists from the grocery stores distributed by the grocery stores in March 1950, a special issue of the Official Gazette of March 19, 1942, including the Food Depository Ordinance - Regulations Regarding 'Food Supervision', Regulations on the Powers of the Palestinian Government Officers Relating to Jewish grocerys (Stencil Printing), Protocols of the Grocery Retail Handwriting Organizations Meeting, document to Grocers dated August 9, 1946, Notifying Uniform All Nerds in Jerusalem, An historic contract between the Jerusalem Grocery Retail Organization and Shlomo Margalit Founding of a Joint Food Company, a stencil printing memo containing comments on the bill to amend the Food Control Ordinance, various letters from grocery owners who received fines in an attempt to cancel the fines on various claims, statements from grocery owners about transferring ownership in the 1940s, dozens of " Payment Orders to Treasurers on Official Paper of the Consumer Retailers Association in Jerusalem, internal leaves dealing with various appointments within the Consumer Retailers Organization, a sign confirming the existence of a grocery store and the opening hours according to the Government's directive by order dated May 23, 1952, various inquiries by the grocery retail organization For government officials to submit permits in various fields to container owners Consumer Certificate - Consumer Association Cooperative, and many more.

Various sizes and conditions.

Opening price: $150

9. Hebrew Banking in the Land of Israel - Big Collection. The 20th Century

An important collection containing hundreds of different accounts leaves, personal and important documents, bank notes, check books, payment sheets, internal documents that regulate the powers of the banks operating in Eretz Israel, and extensive banking activity in Israel in the first half of the 20th century.

Among: 5 Account book of private individuals who held an account in Anglo Palestine Bank at branches Ness Ziona, Hadar Carmel, and Tel Aviv, Banknote 5 palestine pounds Bank Anglo Palestine (pierced), returns to branches and banks on behalf of Anglo Palestine Bank of September 30, 1949 on buying and selling foreign currencies, Document on US Securities held at Anglo Palestine Bank - 1951, Official document on behalf of the Jewish People's Fund announcing that the bank's manager D. Abarbaya resigned from office - Jaffa June 15, 1923, a document by the Bank for Land and Building to Eretz Israel in November 1934, publishing examples of the signature of the authorized managers of the Bank, Belgian Land Bank Israel' Account Pages, Bank Klinger Account leaves in Safed, booklet Balance Sheet of Klinger Bank in Safed, December 31, 1938 Edited by Dr. A. Hillman - Certified Public Accountant by the Government of Palestine and Additional Pages of Klinger Bank - Partially Signatures of Company Managers Eliyahu and Mordechai Klinger, Documents of the Bank for Popular Settlement in Palestine, ownerships, Account pages of Bank of Israel L. Feuchtwanger Bank Account Pages - Haifa Branch General Bank, Checkbook (mostly missing) of Limited cash bank guarantee, Documents from Israel Discount Bank Ltd., Document from Bank of Israel Mortgage and Credit Bank Ltd. - April 1934, various promissory notes, and more.

More in the collection:

Payment Pages in the Pre-Civil Bank Credit Card - 1930s, Bank Citizens' Bank Issue Pages - Tel Aviv - 1930s - Dozens of different account holders , Barclays Bank Reference Pages d. K. POS Operations Pages of an American Bank, The Loa and Haifa Savings, Bank Leumi LeIsrael Credit and Debit Notification Pages, Foreign Trade Bank Pages, Alden Bank Ltd. Bank Hapoalim, Bank of Israel Discount Bank, Early (full) checks signed with the Bank of Israel - United Kingdom stamp, The Loa and Haifa Savings, Official loan envelope from Egypt Loan Company - Eretz Israel, 1936 Protocol to the Binyamin Cooperative Bank Ordinance, Acceptance of the Bank of Israel's General Apothecary Bank - 1934, A promissory note of a cashier's escrow and savings from the workers in Haifa, Foreign Trade Bank Limited Warranty, and more.

The collection has not been thoroughly examined

Hundreds of leaves. general condition: good.

Opening price: $300

10. Collection of Jewish Newspaper Issues of Various Communities in America, 1920s-1940s

11 Rare Jewish Newspapers Issued in America from the 1920s to the 1940s. Some are special editions printed on chrome paper.

* 7 issues of the newspaper The Y.M.H.A OBSERVER. Issue 26 September 1927, Issue 44 February 1931, Issue 10 April 1931, Issues 10-12, 39, months January-March 1948.

* The Jewish FORUM - March 1936. Special article about Albert Einstein's participation in a special dinner in his honor in the United States.

* American Families Magazine and Gazetteer, April 25, 1940. Special issue with the passing of Rabbi Zalman Reichman.

* THE ORTHODOX UNION A special issue for Chanukah. December 1940. Many advertisements for kosher food products.

* The Mizrachi Woman January-February 1948. Special issue with reference to the events of the israeli stae that about to come.

overall very good condition.

Opening price: $120

11. The Unknown Halutz, A Path of Life in Ten Pictures, by P. K. Henich. Haifa, 1938. Numbered copy

A pamphlet containing ten woodcuts on the subject of the "Halutz" described in pencil by Paul Conrad Henich. "Which I envisioned and felt in my heart the figures of the Unknown Halutz, I etch on these boards." Copy numbered 162 out of 500 copies printed from the original boards.

The tables describe the various stages of the "Halutz" who comes to Israel to becoming an employee pioneer: farewell, on the ship, to our land, craft, from the town, to the village, partner, grove, guard, do not eulogize me.
On the last page, the caption reads: "Special prints published by 'hador', as they are used in graphics cycles, have not been done, because they contradict the basic idea of this work."

[14] leaves, 30.5 cm. Stains on cover, good condition.

Opening price: $80

12. Altana - A one-time publication of the Irgun organization, July 1948

"Altana," a one-time newspaper, printed by the Etzel. Responsible and publisher: Ben Ami Gur. Tel Aviv, July 15, 1948. The newspaper criticizes the government's decision in the "Altlana" affair. The main title: "We fell with no guns!", An illustration showing David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett bombing "Altlana" ship going up in flames, a pile of skulls at the foot of the Tower of David and captions: "We were murdered in Gush Etzion", "Yad Mordechai", "We were murdered in the old City".

Most of the criticism in the articles published here is directed at the Israeli government regarding the bloodshed of 16 Etzel fighters killed in the bombing. The writers point an accusatory finger at the Israeli government, which wants to disarm the Irgun, by incorporating it into the IDF, has abandoned the blood of its fighters everywhere in the country. rare.

8 p. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $440

13. "Mevasser Israel" – Bulletin of the Zionist Movement and JNF Representation in Shanghai. 1932

Newspaper - ISRAEL'S MESSENGER Shanghai. July 1, 1932.

On the title page An interesting illustration shows the building of the Hebrew University and the figure of Theodor Herzl, a ship making its way to Eretz Israel (with the caption 'New Judea'), and a train on its way to Eretz Yisrael, with Star of David on the locomotive.

The official journal of the Shanghai Zionist Association, in its definition, was a newspaper "faithful to the interests of Jews and Judaism in the Far East." Its focused on raising awareness of the Zionist movement, the Jewish community in Palestine, Jewish life in Shanghai, and more. It began to be published in 1904 and in the early years several issues were published monthly. Later, a single issue was published each month.

27 p. Very good condition.

Opening price: $80
Sold: $80

14. Three internal newspapers of the Yemeni community in Palestine, 1930s and 40s

* Hagigey Shvut Teyman - One-off Newspaper, dated April 4, 1941 First of May'. Published by the Central Committee on Yemenite Affairs Next to the Executive Committee: 'The Immigrant, Builder and Fighter, Burglar and Immigrant, Creator with Employee, Justice and Equality, Will Live on May 1st.'

* Shvilim - One-off newspaper of June 5, 1941 - Talmey shvut Teyman - "The desire for immigration did not diminish - the conditions of life of Yemeni refugees in Eden. The Zionist action within them. Travel expenses to Eretz Israel increased three-fold ... '

* Hamizrach- Weekly Newspaper, Issue 7 Eyer 1936, Publisher Moshe Levy Nahum. "From the Situation in Yemen, News According to Original Letters: In Yemen a Year of Drought. Dever in the Nations. Expect salvation soon ... '

Various conditions, in some newspapers tear at the fold.

Opening price: $80
Sold: $80

15. Card Tract - Parodic booklet on Card Games, Tel Aviv [1937]

Card Tract - Without P'rashi, Tosafot, Torah Or, Ein Mitzvah, Ner Mitzvah and Shas tradition by Shmuel Tsipkin, Tel Aviv 1937.

"Since when did I start playing, Rabbi. Latsani says from the time of the stars comes out, Rabbi sahkan said from the time the foot Get out from the market, and they both admit that if they started before the day end, they never stops ...". A funy booklet about the Card Games In the style of the Shas language.

7 leaves, 17 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $50

16. "Lapidim" - Youth Magazine - Hebrew Gymnasium in Vilnius, 1925

"Lapidim" magazine, a newspaper for youth, published by students of the Hebrew Gymnasiya in Vilnius (Vilna). Third-year 13-14 pamphlet. Published by 7 department. Edit and found by: Collegium. Vilna, 1925.

The booklet is handwritten and printed in lithographic print, all written in Hebrew, and includes poems, short stories, information about what is happening in Palestine and a humor, riddles and amusement section. In the booklet before us, the prevailing writer Abraham Broides, who first published his poem 'Love Sequels'. At the end of the booklet "Congratulations to members of our department Sarah Fingold, Peretz Yaffe and Moshe Lubecki on their cost to Israel ... ", and an interesting announcement on the occasion of the opening of the University of Jerusalem, which announces that the Gymnasium in Vilnius held a grandiose program with a rich musical dramatic program" ...

20 p. 22 cm. Good condition.

Opening price: $80

17. A defiant letter against traditional Judaism and rabbis by Itamar Ben Avi'. Tammuz 1935

Please live! - Letter to Rabbis of Eretz Israel in the Diaspora as well - A harsh letter in which he attacks, defies, criticizes, and disgraces Itamar Ben-Avi the traditional Judaism and orthodox rabbis. Tammuz 1935.

Ben Avi' formulated his claims against traditional Judaism and sent the same wording to a number of rabbis in Israel and abroad. The letter before us was sent to Dr. Ehrenfreze - Chief Rabbi of the Queen of Sweden Stockholm, whom he calls 'Mori and Rabbi'. And adds that he received many answers from important rabbis and specifically mentions Rabbi Chaim Nahum, 'head of the Egyptian rabbis', who agreed with him that It's time for his "religious revival".

Because of the many words of blasphemy in the letter, we do not quote excerpts from it, but we should note that the main point of Ben Avi is that he fails to associate the traditional words of prayer with contemporary reality, and proposes to make changes to the traditional form of prayer, and said that not G-d don't need all jewish prayers, and requests that instead of traditional religious ceremonies, shorter and less 'burdensome' ceremonies be performed. Signature of Ben Avi' twice, at the end of the things he wrote in his handwriting to Dr. Ehrenfreise, and at the end of the letter. A copy of this letter, which has been sent to a number of rabbis as mentioned, appears in the Zionist archive.

Itamar (Ben-Zion) Ben-Yehuda 1882-1943: "The First Hebrew Child," the son of the Hebrew language arousing Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, a Hebrew journalist and Zionist activist.

4 leaves. Filing holes, very good condition.

Opening price: $200

18. Kibuzz - mud! Histadrut? Pig Center!" 'Hazut kasha" - Acute Attack on Left Parties in Palestine, Tunisia 1950 - Copy with Author Dedication

מפא"י מפ"ם ארור אפם...מפא"י מפ"ם מורדים ברבם'. Twenty-six rhyme poems by David Barda, including an unprecedented attack on Mapai and Mapam parties in Israel, which the writer claims did everything to persuade Diaspora Jewry. A publication published in Tunis in 1950 in a private publishing by the author. Before us is a copy with a signed dedication by the author 'To the top of our poet Mr Jacob Cohen, Tunis A. Nissan 1966'.

6 p. 22 cm. Stains, good condition.

Opening price: $50

19. Mr. Adin Talber's appointment letter to the Consul in Montreal, signed by David Ben Gurion and Yitzhak Ben Zvi

"Recognizing the need to hold a Consul of the State of israel in Montreal and honoring Mr. Adin Talber's uniforms and virtues, I have chosen him for this term and I have written in this letter to appoint him as a consul of the State of Israel in Montreal" - Mr. Adin Talber's original nomination letter to the Israeli consul in Montreal, signed by the the president Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, and David Ben-Gurion, who served as Foreign Minister, "Elul 1957".

Ben Gurion signed the document with a 'curled' signature characteristic of official and important documents. Simultaneously with the Hebrew written document, French translation appears on another leaf.

Talber was best known for his activities in promoting the sport, and for which the foundation of ASA was credited.

[2] Official leaves of the State of Israel, with the official stamp of the

State of Israel. 44x30 cm. Folding mark. Good condition.

Opening price: $200

20. appointment of Mr. Reuben Daphne to New York Consul post. signed by Isaac Ben Zvi and Moshe Sharett, 1953

Mr. Reuven Daphne's appointment letter to the post of Consul Israel in New York, signed by State President Yitzhak Ben Zvi and Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett, 1953

44x28 cm. Original frame. Stains, good condition.

Opening price: $80
Sold: $80

21. Zola in 32 Caricatures – Paris, 1898 - Cartoons published in the midst of the Dreyfus affair against Emil Zola, first edition

Zola 32 caricatures, by Lebourgeois. E. Bernard edition, Paris 1898, 1st edition.

A full series of 32 colorful cartoons against Emil Zola following his support of Alfred Dreyfus. In the same year in which the cartoons were published, Zola was tried for libel and found guilty, sentenced to a year in prison and fined, moreover he removed from the Legion of Honor and in response escaped to England. (About a year after the charge was allowed to return to France). Zola's own books and testimonials from Dreyfus's trial are used in the cartoons. Among the characters are General Henri who led the campaign against Dreyfus (the same year it became clear that an important document was forged by him and arrested, after admitting the forgery committed suicide in prison), as well as judges. In another cartoon, Zola is seen running away from France with a local soldier chasing him, in another he is shown inside a prison cell with Mice at his feet. Appears a cartoon featuring Zulla beating a drum on it written: "J'Accuse" ["I Blame" -Zola's famous article was published in January of that year], And more.

[1] Title page, 32 cartoons. 26.5 cm. in original folder with gilt lettering on cover. Few stains on title page. very good condition.

Opening price: $250
Sold: $320

22. Two antisemitic lithographs, 19th and early 20th century

* Antisemitic magazine Lunivers Ilustre, February 1883. In the center of the lithograph [55x42 cm] depicting Jesus crucified as a Jew passing with a bag full of money and caption: LA LEGENDE DU JUIF ERRANT Par GUSTAV DORE. (Complete issue).

* The middle pages of French LE PELERIN, July 1923, depict an eight-step story about the greedy Jew. In the center of Jesus Christ crucified blood. 36x26 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $50
Sold: $50

23. Antisemitic issue of the Italian magazine LA DOMENICA DEL CORRIERE, July 1931

Antisemitic issue of the Italian magazine LA DOMENICA DEL CORRIERE, dated July 12, 1931.

On the last page is a great cartoon in which a Jew in the shroud strikes the surrounding. In the accompanying cartoon description, the newspaper reportedly was a Jew from a town in eastern Poland, and was supposedly "Close to 100 years old" and his death was determined by his doctors and brought to burial in Israel's tomb, and suddenly he awoke and began to strike all the people Who run away from him during the "funeral" they held for him. The message is clear: 'The Jew never dies...'

LA DOMENICA DEL CORRIERE Weekly was founded in 1899. In the 1930s it became the best-selling weekly in Italy with a record number of 600,000 copies. Each major first and last edition was accompanied by a large colored illustration. In its early years it was distributed among the bourgeois population only, and over the years penetrated all the avenues of the Italian population.

16 p. 41 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $100
Sold: $110

24. Anti-Semitic postcards, early 20th century

9 Anti-Semitic Postcards, Various Places, Early 20th century.

A Jew in prayer with long nose and caption: Goodness only nose (Pun with nose - printed in the United States), Jewish throws a local man from his bakery - Star of David on the left and a musical note with a song condemning the Jews, three Beggars Jews watch with satisfaction in the letter of recommendation [Published in Germany], East European Jewish choir at the concert [sent in mail in 1899] - wine bottle in the singer's pocket, the Jews control the money [Published in Germany c- 1900], a postcard mocking the Jewish circumcision [Published in Tunisia and parallel Algeria], and more.

6 mailed, 5 undivided back, very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $120