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January 29, 2024
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1. Ha'ischa ("The Woman"), Bulletin of the Jewish Women's Committees in the Netherlands – Volume 1932

Ha'ischa, Bulletin of the Jewish Women's Council in the Netherlands, 1932-1933 complete bound volume - Twenty-four consecutive issues from January 1932 to December 1933. Dutch. Rare women's magazine edited by women for female readership - Jewish women. Dutch.

Women's magazine with participation of Henrietta Szold, Else Lasker-Schüler, Greta Loft, Anna Polak and others. Issues from 1932-33 include articles on: Figure of the old Jewish grandmother from the ghetto, role of Jewish women in art, reports from Netherlands Women's Association on advancement of Jewish girls in industry and cultural life of the Jewish girl, reports on women's community activities in Dutch provinces, events of Israel girls gatherings, reports from Jewish Women's Association for Practical Work in Palestine, the National Jewish Women's Activity in the Netherlands, The activities of the WIZO women's organization in the Netherlands, women's role in emigration and Aliyah to Palestine, activities of the Federation of Working Women in the Netherlands, reports on women's dance evenings in the Netherlands, reflections on establishing a future religious Jewish state, extensive article on the first International Eastern Fair held in 1932, Jewish-Arab relations in Palestine, revival of Hebrew art in Palestine, youth's embrace of Judaism, Jews in Dutch literature, Jewish humor, articles about Jewish holidays, in the 1933 issues with Hitler's rise feature articles about the fate of German Jewry and the possibility of German Jewish immigration to Palestine ("1933 will likely be the peak year of immigration to Palestine" written early in the year), and more.

"The appearance of a women's newspaper, edited solely by women for female readership, within the Dutch Jewish press between the world wars is an exceptional phenomenon [...] 'The Woman' is a magazine for the educated or semi-educated middle class Jewish woman. She is a housewife or professional, married or single, who in addition to her daily occupations is interested in volunteering and should be involved in community affairs ... she has cultural interests [...], but above all she should be aware of the pressing issues facing the Jewish world: assimilation, antisemitism, Zionism and Palestine" (Hava Diner, "The Woman - A Unique Women's Newspaper"; From the "KESHER" magazine, Issue No. 12, November 1992).

Provenance: Willy Lindwer collection with his Ex Libris on the frontispiece.

24 consecutive issues bound in one volume. Very good condition. Issues contain advertisements of Jewish businesses in the Netherlands.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $300

2. Three official residential space provision contracts for the Jews of Alt-Ofen (Hungary). 18th century

Three Official Contracts concerning Housing Allocation for Jews and Regulating their Status and Fines in Alt-Ofen - one of the three cities that historically make up Budapest (today Óbuda), scribe's writing, ink on paper. 18th century. Germany.

In ancient times, Jewish settlement was forbidden throughout the area now known as Alt-Ofen (Óbuda in Hungarian). In 1712, Duchess Zichy invited Jews to settle there, subject to a protection agreement, religious freedom, settlement terms and trade conditions. To regulate the new status of Jewish settlers, official contracts were issued on behalf of the Duchess in the early decades of the 18th century. Before us is a rare official document outlining various employment restrictions versus the Christian community in the city, and the rights of Jews in Alt-Ofen.
The arrangements for the first Jewish settlers led to an immigration wave to Alt-Ofen. In 1737 a synagogue was established there, and within a short time it became the largest Jewish community in Hungary! The community's rabbi was Rabbi Moses Mintz (d. 1831), who established a rabbinical court and a great yeshiva, one of the most magnificent in European Jewish communities. Over the 19th an the 20th centuries the community grew, ultimately destroyed in the Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry along with the other Budapest communities.

[3] pages. 37x25 cm. Rosette paper seal and wax seal. Stains. Good condition.

Opening price: $600

3. Rare Publication on Buda Jewry - of the Early Jewish Communities in Hungary - Only Edition

A zsidok tortenete Budan : vazlat. A Budai Izraelita Hitkozseg megbizasabol - The history of the Jews in Buda - From the early communities in Hungarian Jewry, by Fulop Grunvald and the Budai Izraelita Hitközség. Budapest 1938 - Only edition. Rare. Hungarian.

A rare publication on the Buda Jewry - "The village situated by the Danube and the hot springs" - One of the oldest points of Jewish settlement in Hungary, where Jews settled already in the 3rd century. An extensive overview of the existence of the Jewish community in the Middle Ages through ancient inscriptions and historical documents. Includes numerous photos of important historical findings testifying to the existence of a vibrant Jewish community in Buda - among them an ancient inscription mentioning the Jewish synagogue in 1307, the oldest gravestone found in Hungary from 1278, and more.
Buda was the first community where Jews received a kind of autonomy, and the agreements with the Jews of Buda served as a source for agreements between the authorities and Jews in other communities. The author describes the structure of the Jewish quarter in the city, details about Jews who were close to the royalty, Rabbi Nathan of Buda - one of the first rabbis mentioned in 14th century documents, the tax breaks granted to the Jews of Buda, the protection granted to the Jews of Buda - for example, they were exempt from the requirement to wear the conical hats imposed in all cities of the German kingdom, the city under Turkish rule in the 16th century, the customs of the Jews of Buda, the antisemitism in the city in the 18th and 19th centuries, the renovation of the main synagogue in the late 19th century, the establishment of cultural institutions in the city in the 1920s - the elementary school, youth cultural group, community library, scout troop, and more. The author concludes in 1938: "Buda stands firmly today and is destined to occupy the five worthy places among the Jews of Hungary as the largest town of Hungarian Jewry and second largest in terms of population".

Rare. Only one copy listed in the global library catalog world cat at the Harvard University library in the United States.

24 p. Open tears on edges of cover. Otherwise good condition.

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Sold: $150

4. A miniature prayer book for the Jewish woman and daughter. Budapest [c.1890]

Örök áhitat KÖNYÖRGÉSEK ÉS RÖVID FOHÁSZOK KÖNYVE/ZSIDÓ NŐK ÉS LEÁNYOK SZÁMÁRA - ETERNAL DEDICATION - BOOK OF SHORT PRAYERS AND REQUESTS FOR JEWISH WOMEN AND GIRLS - A miniature prayerbook bound with a magnificent celluloid cover with gilt embossing, edited by Dr. Hevesi Simon, published by Eisler G. Kiadása-Lingua Kiadás in Budapest [c. 1890]. Hungarian. Rare.

A Siddur for women for the weekdays, Shabbat and holidays, the 13 Principles of Faith, as well as special prayers for women on various occasions accompanying the Jewish woman - a prayer for a bride upon entering the Huppa, a prayer before marriage, a prayer for women on a fast day, a prayer for a woman seeking happiness, a prayer for a woman at her son's Brit Milah, a prayer for a woman for her husband's success, a prayer for the family and success of the children, a prayer for parents, and many other prayers. The title page inside reads "Nancy Kleinberg Tolgadona".

128 p. 8.5 cm. Gilt leaf cutting. Light flaw in the upper part of the cover on the right. Overall good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $160

5. Cookbook for the Jewish housewife. Kecskemét (Hungary), 1935

A Zsido Haziasszony Konyve, Hasznos Tudnivalok, Koser Szakacskonyv - "Kosher cookbook for the Jewish housewife" by Giti Neni. Published by Abraham Marton Knyvnyomdaja, Kecskemét (Hungary), 1935. Includes an introduction by Rabbi Viktor Sussmann with a Hebrew date, writing: "I have thoroughly reviewed the ritual instructions in this book and found them entirely appropriate from a religious perspective, Vayeshev 3, 1935". Hungarian.

A cookbook containing hundreds of recipes for kosher Jewish dishes. The book covers meals for the entire Hebrew calendar year, Shabbat and all holiday meals. In the introduction, the author expresses her hope that her friends and colleagues in the art of cooking will find not only recipes related to cooking but also useful Jewish related information. Along with kosher recipes, the author includes general guidelines related to the cooking environment, how the kitchen and appliances should look, kitchen and room cleaning for Passover, Passover Seder preparations, and kosher for Passover recipes. Includes recipes for dairy dishes for the Nine Days period when meat is forbidden in the month of Av, and more.

Rare - Only five listings in the world cat library catalog.

244 p. 22 cm. Stains on some pages. Good condition.

Opening price: $200

6. Palestine in the eyes of women - Rare publication written only by women. Budapest 1944 - Only Edition

PALESZTINA ASSZONYSZEMMEL - "Palestine in the eyes of women" - A collection of articles by Jewish women about Eretz Israel and the contribution of the Jewish woman to the Zionist effort. Published by Kudelka Sandorne, WIZO Budapest 1944 - Only edition. Hungarian.

"How a dream becomes reality - written by women and addressed to the female audience"" (from the introduction) - A rare publication written solely by women at a time when "a storm is raging in the world, there is much trouble and despair everywhere... women's Jewish organizations, institutions, and associations are doing everything to alleviate problems... This book deals with these problems and their solutions as seen and felt in a woman's heart" - The book expresses the efforts of Jewish women amidst the challenges facing European Jewry on the eve of World War II. It includes articles by several writers - including Dr. Sarah Friedlander, Mrs. Alk Szilard, Mrs. Lasslo Breszloyer, Mrs. Lasslo Landsman, and others, describing the contribution of women's organizations to the Zionist effort in education, the fight against antisemitism and the rebuilding of Eretz Israel, the role of women in building the "Hebrew village" in Eretz Israel, Zionist women's camps, education using the "natural method" in Eretz Israel, the religious education of the Jewish mother, the results of the 1935 WIZO conference held in Budapest and the contribution it brought from Hungarian Jewry for Eretz Israel, women in Hebrew literature and poetry, the Bezalel School of Arts in Eretz Israel, the relations between the Jewish nation and Jewish religion, and more. Some articles discuss the development of the Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel, and there is also reference to women who participated in Herzl's Zionist idea and helped him as early as the First Zionist Congress in Basel. The last page includes the Hatikvah anthem in Hungarian, with musical notation.

Rare. Only two copies in the world cat library catalog.

119 [1] p. On the cover is an illustration of a woman against the backdrop of a map of Eretz Israel and a immigrant ship. Cardboard cover and illustrated cardboard jacket, everything complete. Light wear to cover. Good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $200

7. Rare booklet in memory of Sarah Schenirer

Rare booklet in memory of the educator Sarah Schenirer. Eretz Israel [1930s].

Booklet documenting the great work of Sarah Schenirer including the first girls' class she established in her sewing room, establishing Bais Ya'akov in Krakow, her trips around Poland convincing Jewish mothers to send their daughters to Bais Ya'akov upon its founding, the promise and agreement she received from the Rebbe of Belz who blessed the initiative and from the Rebbe of Gur, the first national Bais Ya'akov convention in Warsaw, the establishment of the movement and its transformation to a global movement. Also included is a rare photograph of the facade of the Bais Ya'akov Seminary building in Krakow. On the soft cover is a picture of Sarah Schenirer. The booklet was published on the initiative of the Bais Ya'akov movement in Eretz Israel in order to dedicate its proceeds to building a convalescent home for Bais Ya'akov students and teachers to spend their holidays in a religious and Torah atmosphere.

Rare booklet, does not appear in the National Library.

29 p. 17 cm. Soft cover. Title page detached. Overall good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $120

8. The Land of Israel in numbers towards 1930 - JNF -Complete copy

ארץ ישראל אויפ'ן שוועל פון יאהר תר"ץ אין צאלען - "Eretz Israel in numbers towards 1930" Published by JNF, duplicating machine print. Rare illustrated data booklet issued by JNF towards the end of 1929. Yiddish, German, and Hebrew. Rare.

A rare booklet showing the situation in Eretz Israel in areas of demography, economy, industry, agriculture, and education in 1929. After a six-page introduction, there are 31 leaves with illustrations and diagrams of the Jewish, Arab, Christian and other populations of Eretz Israel, birth and death rates in Israel, growth of the Hebrew settlement from 1922 to 1928, Jewish aliyah to Eretz Israel in numbers, land distribution in Eretz Israel, Jewish cultivation areas and orchards, the Hebrew industry in Eretz Israel, capital invested in the Hebrew industry by cities, export industry, construction industry, education in the country, Jewish students in Eretz Israel, JNF revenues and more. Each page contains illustrations and diagrams. A map of Eretz Israel is printed on the soft cover.

In the copy held at the National Library, most pages are missing. Before us is a complete copy.

[6], + 31 Leaf. 31x21 cm. Margins reinforced with adhesive tape. Good condition.

Opening price: $200

9. Jewish playwrights of Our Time. Berlin, 1927

Jüdische Dramatiker unserer Zeit - Jewish Playwrights of Our Time, a special issue of Festnummer zum Ordenstage, a German publication dealing with the great Jewish playwrights of the time. Berlin, 1927.

A selection of articles on the leading Jewish playwrights in Germany and the surrounding area - their personal lives, works, and influence on the world of theatre in general. Among them Max Brod, Arnold Zweig, Paul Kornfeld, Ernst Toller, Emil Bernd, George Herzfeld, and others. Among the writers: Georg Hermann, Ludwig Davidson, Fritz Engel, Kurt Wolter Goldschmidt, Rudolf Kaiser, Heinrich Eduard Jacob, and others. Among other things, an article by Salomon Dembitzer appears on Eastern Jewish playwrights. Introduction by Julius Bab on "The Part of Jews in Modern Drama". On the cover is a picture of Michael Beer (1800-1833) the first Jewish playwright to write plays in German.

Slight stains on cover. Good - Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $150

10. Notebook of Dedications and Memoirs to Theresa Dreyfus 1905-1906

Diary notebook with dedications and memoirs in handwriting from friends to Theresa Dreyfus. Baden (Austria), 1905-1906. German.

Every page contains words of wisdom, dedications or blessings from friends of Theresa Dreyfus from Baden and surroundings.

[19] written pages. Buckle for closure. Leather cover with embossed leaf pattern. Good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $150

11. The Palestine land Development Company Limited Memorandum and Articles of Association. London, 1909 - First Edition

The Palestine land Development Company Limited Memorandum and Articles of Association. London, 1909 - First edition.

Articles of regulations of the "Pa lestine Land Development Company" - Israel Land Development Company (ILDC) when founded in 1909. The regulations deal with the company's goals, chief among them the acquisition or lease of lands in Eretz Israel, and also the improvement and promotion of construction on lands acquired by the company, the manner of allocating shares among the founders, and more.

The ILDC was founded in 1909 by the Zionist Federation as the Palestine Land Development Company. This was a plan of the Zionist practical movement in the early Zionism, especially in the decade before the outbreak of World War I. The PLDC worked to acquire lands, to train Jews for agricultural occupations and to establish Jewish agricultural settlements in Eretz Israel. Until the outbreak of World War I it had acquired about 50,000 dunams of land. It tried to acquire almost 3 times that amount in the Jezreel Valley, but it was prevented by the outbreak of the war. The company became an Israeli public company in 1953.

42 p. 32 cm. Stains on cover. Good condition.

Opening price: $150

12. Two Memoranda of the Jewish Agency to the Secretary-General of the United Nations - June 1937

"The Development of the Jewish National Home in Eretz Israel in 1936, Memorandum Submitted by the Jewish Agency for Eretz Israel to the Secretary General of the League of Nations, for Review of the Eternal Committee on Mandate Matters, June 1937". Two Memoranda of the Jewish Agency To the Secretary-General of the United Nations - June 1937 - Hebrew edition, and French edition. To the Hebrew edition was added "Igeret HaLevi of the President of the Jewish Agency Dr. Chaim Weizmann, to the High Commissioner".

Both memos are in good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $220

13. Report of the advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force under the Command of General Allenby – Cairo 1919

A BRIEF RECORD OF THE ADVANCE OF THE EGYPTIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE UNDER THE COMMAND OF GENERAL SIR EDMUND H.H. ALLENBY - July 1917 to October 1918. Published by Government Press and Survey of Egypt, Cairo, 1919. Dedicated copy to Rehavam Ze'evi by Deborah Zamir.

Report on the advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force under the command of General Allenby. The report describes the British military tactics against the Ottomans in the Land of Israel between July 1917 and October 1918 under the command of General Allenby. Among other things, the report presents the routes of battlefield progress, the various roles and commanders, the order and details of the troops, force dispositions and amounts of ammunition and fighting means. At the end of the report are 55 colored maps depicting the advance of British forces and retreat of Ottoman forces from south to north: from Gaza and Beersheba through Judea, Samaria and the Galilee, until the conquest of Damascus and northern Syria.

The "Egyptian Expeditionary Force" was the name of the British military formation stationed in Egypt during World War I. Its headquarters was in Cairo and its main role was defending the Suez Canal, the main lifeline to Britain's eastern colonies. The force was initially composed of Egyptian, Indian and other troops, but after the loyalty of Muslim forces was questioned, the composition changed and was replaced mainly by British and Australian regiments, as well as troops from India, New Zealand and France.

[6], 113, [1] p., 55 leaves (maps) + [1] leaf (print plate portrait of Allenby), 30 cm. Light tears in the spine. Used cover. Overall good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $150

14. Songs of the Land of Israel - The Maccabi Association in Germany and the Pioneer Association in Germany. Berlin, 1935

Eretz Israel Songs on behalf of Maccabi Union in Germany and Pioneer Union in Germany, collected and published by Dr. Jacob Sheneberg, Published by Judischer Verlag [יודישער פערלאג] Berlin 1935 - Eretz Israel Songs printed in Nazi Germany in Hebrew! One of the last publications of those movements on German soil before the Holocaust. Includes songs that first appeared in this publication. Rare.

A collection of songs with musical notation which were widely sung at "Maccabi" and Zionist organizations conventions, printed here for the first time. As the publisher writes: "Through publishing this songbook the publisher wants to convey to the broad youth circles a large part of still unknown, previously unpublished songs", the musical notation was meant to preserve for future generations the special melodies to which the songs were sung at various gatherings so they won't be forgotten. Among others appear two-part songs created in the "Singing class of Hashomer Hatzair in Krakow" which Mr. Pinchas Anhalt from Krakow sent to the publisher. And many songs appearing here for the first time such as "הוי חלוץ טיפש", "עד מתי ספנים עוד נסחב השקים", "מסביב למדורה התאספו נא רועי צאן", "תן כתף עצום את העיניים", and many more. The opening song of the collection is the anthem 'Hatikvah' in its original version ['התקוה הנושנה, לשוב לארץ אבותנו העיר בה דוד חנה'] under the title 'Songs of Enthusiasm'. Also appearing are many unknown homeland songs such as "למולדתי הבאת אותי", "מתרפ"ט עדי תר"ץ חיש הולך", and more. The Hebrew edition of this collection was published in Jerusalem in 1947.

In 1934 the Pioneer movement in Germany numbered about 15,000 members, and around a fifth of them underwent training at some 32 different facilities. In 1941 the training facilities in Germany were dismantled on Nazi order - some were closed and the rest were turned into forced labor camps for young Jews.

208 p. 17 cm. Stains on the cover and first pages. Good condition.

Opening price: $150

15. Arab and Jew... Who will get Palestine. London, [1937] - First Edition

"Arab and Jew in Prophecy and History. The problem of to-day What is the solution? Who will get Palestine?" By Charles Henry TITTERTON Published by Pickering & Inglis. London [1937] - First Edition.

An early and interesting publication that tries to clarify who has the historical right to the Land of Israel, following the political developments in the country after the Balfour Declaration. The author tries to figure out who the Land of Israel belongs to according to the ancient sources dealing with Jacob and Ishmael and according to prophecies of the End of Days, and presents an interesting picture of Jewish-Arab relations.

32 p. Stains on the cover and some pages. Good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $300

16. Proclamation by the Etzel "To our Arab neighbors... Leave your Jewish neighbors! Let's beat the British oppressor together"

"A Nos Voisins Arabes!" - "To Our Arab Neighbors!" - "The days of British rule in our country are numbered... all agree it has no right to exist... Our Arab neighbors! ...know that we are fighting against those tyrants, not against you. Know that we want to build our homeland with you". Etzel proclamation in French distributed shortly before the UN vote on November 29th (1947) calling for a joint Jewish-Arab struggle to remove the British rule from Eretz Israel. Eretz Israel, 1940s.

An extremely rare proclamation, portraying Great Britain as the enemy of both Jews and Arabs alike and as having its own interests in the region, and appealing to Arabs to unite with Jews in their fight against the British enemy with imperialist interests and aspirations in the region, as two peoples sharing the fate of the land: "Great Britain wants our country to serve as a springboard from which its armies and air squadrons could threaten all the peoples of the Middle East... by keeping the flames of hatred alive between the the differenty population layers by provoking them to spill their blood until they weaken in internal struggles, then it will be easy for these despicable oppressors to dominate both sides... Their goal is to trigger a bloody war between us that will weaken both sides and allow them to remain in our country for the coming years. Our Arab neighbors! Beware of the vile game of the British oppressors, know that we are fighting against those tyrants, not against you. Know that we want to build our homeland with you and transform it into a free and prosperous state, ensuring happiness and progress for all its children and citizens. Know that the war between Jews and Arabs will only benefit the English. Know that we are ready to fight together with you against the bloodthirsty British empire that exploits both our peoples equally... Your interest and our common interest indicate that you should not rise up against us, but rather march with us in the decisive battle against the British invader... Leave your Jewish neighbors! Come, let us strike together the British oppressor".

[1] Leaf. 33x21 cm. Typewritten printing. Very good condition.

Opening price: $120
Sold: $240

17. Rare photo booklet encouraging Hebrew immigration to Israel, The Netherlands 1961

Een millioen "geland". En velen zullen volgen . De immigratie naar Israel voor de Collectieve Israel Actie-Keren Hajesod uitgegeven door de jewish Agency te Jeruzalem - One million have "landed". and many will follow in their footsteps. Aliyah to Israel. Aliyah to the country following the Israeli collective activity-Keren Hayesod. Booklet to encourage immigration to Eretz Israel marking the aliyah of one million Jews in the first twelve years since the founding of the State of Israel, accompanied by rare photographs of immigrants from their various communities, published by the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem. The Netherlands 1961. Dutch.

A booklet published in The Netherlands with the aim of encouraging immigration to Israel. The booklet reviews the great Aliyah enterprise in the early years of the state with the assistance of Keren Hayesod. Included is a table of the number of immigrants to the country from the different countries of Europe, Muslim countries, and other states between 1948 and 1961. The booklet contains a detailed review of the way in which new immigrants are handled upon their arrival in the country, dispersal of immigrants in villages and towns, immigrant integration into employment, immigrant integration into agricultural work, ways of assisting Jews to emigrate and leave their countries of residence in favor of aliyah to Eretz Israel, and more. Throughout all the pages of the booklet are rare historical photographs of the immigrants themselves from their diaspora communities, the excitement about their aliyah to the country, their dispersal in cities and villages and integration into Israeli employment.

Extremely rare booklet. Does not appear in the global library catalog world cat.

[29] p. 23 cm. Good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $170

18. Letter signed by Theodor Herzl. Vienna, 1903

Letter that was sent to the representative of the Zionist General Council in Russia, Mr. College, regarding the collection of shekels among the organization's members in Russia, signed by Benjamin Ze'ev Herzl. (On the left, the Secretary's signature). Vienna, December 19, 1903.

In his letter, Herzl details that the funds sent from Russia have been almost completely exhausted, and that it is the duty of Western friends to fill the void created by transferring additional funds.

Letter: 22x29 cm. Typewritten printing and Herzl's signature. The letter is attached to a hard substrate for display and preservation, and next to it is a picture of Herzl - a new magnificent wooden frame and glass. A fracture on the supporting glass on the back right side. Very good condition.

Opening price: $800
Sold: $900

19. Delegates of the First Congress - printed photograph, 1905

"Assembly of Zionists, Basel" - A printed photograph of the delegates of the First Zionist Congress (1897) led by Theodor Herzl. The print was published in 1905.

29x31 cm. Glued onto a hard substrate for display and preservation, and framed in a magnificent wooden and glass frame.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $500

20. State Day - joint issue Israel's newspapers on the day of the Declaration of Independence - May 14, 1948

"The people declare on the State of Israel". "Last day for foreign rule" - the "Yom HaMedina" newspaper, festive issue co-published by the Country newspapers on the State Declaration Day. May 14, 1948. At 16:00 o'clock in the afternoon - published at the time of the Declaration of Independence.

Subheadings on the title page: "On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution requiring the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel - and by virtue of our natural and historical right we hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, the State of Israel", and also: "All the White Paper laws are nullified" and "The Hebrew Army expands its conquests on Independence Day". At the top of the Issues' title page is a photo of Theodor Herzl, below is a photo of the members of the Provisional Government in their first meeting at the People's Administration.

2 pages. Complete issue. 58 cm. Fold mark. Very good condition.

Opening price: $300
Sold: $600

21. The Declaration of Independence newspaper of "Yedioth Yerushalayim" - "The State of Israel has been revived"

Issue of the Newspaper "Yedioth Yerushalayim" declaring the independence of the State of Israel: "The revival of the State of Israel", dated May 16, 1948.

The subheading: "The State of Israel was resurrected in the 1877th year for the destruction of the Second Temple", and "30 UN countries ready to recognize the State of Israel" and "The State of Israel has been revived". The declaration of Israel's independence took place on Friday afternoon. The issue before us was published the following Sunday, in Jerusalem inside the walls, and was one of the last issues to be published in the Jewish Quarter after all its residents fled during the War of Independence.

2 pages. Complete issue. Fold mark. Very good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $420

22. Davar newspaper Issue of the Declaration of Independence: "State of Israel was established"

Newspaper "Davar" issue dated May 16, 1948. Headline: "The State of Israel was established" - Sunday of the week, two days after the declaration that took place on Friday.

On the title page is a full transcript of the Declaration of Independence. Subheadline: "The U.S. Government Has Recognized Our State, Many States Will Follow America", "All the White Paper laws are nullified", and "Foreign forces crossed the country's borders". At the bottom of the title page is quoted the verse: "Today you have become a people!..".

See also next item.

4 pages. 58 cm. Complete issue. light stains. Condition good - very good.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $300

23. The State of Israel was established - special souvenir issue of the "Davar" newspaper - The Declaration of Independence

"State establishment Newspaper souvenir issue" - Souvenir newspaper issued by the editorial board of "Davar" newspaper on the occasion of the Declaration of Independence on Monday, May 16, 1948, headlined: "The State of Israel was established".

This issue was published on the same day as the official Declaration issue of the "Davar" newspaper, with the addition of the words "Souvenir Issue". The newspaper format and headlines are identical to the official issue published that day.

4 pages. Complete issue. Fold mark. Very good condition.

Opening price: $200
Sold: $220

24. The mandate is dead! Long live our State! - "Yedioth Ma'ariv" newspaper declaring the establishment of the State of Israel

"The Mandate is Dead! Long Live Our State!" - Ma'ariv Newspaper, The issue announcing the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel - published on the very day of the declaration - May 14, 1948.

Subheading on the title page: "The last British Commissioner leaves the soil of the country", "The Government of the State of Israel obtains power", "Tonight the commander of the Hebrew Police begins his duties". And on inner pages: "Tel Aviv welcomes the new state! The city - in the last hours before the declaration", "London: Now the UN will not be be able to prevent the establishment of the Hebrew state". Also a portrait of David Ben-Gurion. The issue includes reports on the departure of the British commissioner and the establishment of the Israeli government, alongside reports on fighting in Gush Etzion, the Jerusalem road, Kfar Sava, and more.

[4] pages, 43 cm. Very good condition.

Opening price: $150
Sold: $800